Who is Christian TV, singer of When She Turns 18?

When Christian TV performed on "So You Think You Can Dance" Thursday, many viewers wondered about the new artist.

Is he a real person? Is "When She Turns 18" a real song? The answers: yes and yes.

We've attached the music video for "When She Turns 18" to this page. Also, here are some things you should know about Christian TV:

Britney Spears likes him. Spears once called "When She Turns 18" her favorite new song of the summer. Read more here.

He hails from Detroit. He prides himself on bringing "Detroit grime to pop music" and cites influences ranging from Phil Collins to Fiona Apple.

He has a following. It's due largely to his homemade videos that circulated on websites like YouTube.

He wants to make history. It might begin with his Universal Motown debut album and songs like "Generation Sex."

What's up with his name? "I love that sense of mystery that just the name Christian TV evokes. Just when you think I might bring you something one way, I’ll change it up," the artist writes on his MySpace page.