Columbus crime: Man shot outside Buxton Drive home

A shooting outside of a Buxton Drive home during a party early Sunday left one man lying on the street and police searching for suspects.

The 22-year-old had been at the party earlier that evening when someone allegedly was struck with a beer bottle. He had left, only to return to the area with around 20 others to search for the attacker, Columbus Police Lt. Lynn Joiner said.

The man was walking toward a home’s yard between midnight and 1 a.m. when the shooting began, the lieutenant added.

“He was shot in the right side, mid-back area,” Joiner said. “The bullet didn’t really enter his body that much.”

The projectile became lodged in the man’s shoulder blade, and he dropped to the street until the shooting stopped. Witnesses don’t know if multiple weapons were fired from the same area or a shootout occurred, Joiner said.

“He said he does not know who shot him,” the lieutenant said. “There were multiple shell casings found in the street.”

Joiner said it appears the shooter or shooters used a semi-automatic pistol.