Shark Week 2010 under way on Discovery Channel: Find Shark Week 2010 schedule online

Shark Week 2010 is under way on the Discovery Channel. Tonight's show, "Shark Bites: Adventures in Shark Week," focuses on comedian Craig Ferguson's interactions with sharks.

Ferguson travels to the Bahamas to swim with, feed and possibly touch sharks. You'll also see clips from the last 20 years of Shark Week. The show premieres 10 p.m. tonight.

"Shark Bite Beach" premiered Tuesday and featured reenactments of stories that happened in 2008, when multiple shark attacks took place along the coast of California and Mexico.

On Monday, viewers watched "Shark Attack Survival Guide," which told viewers how to deal with a run-in with a shark. Monday's lineup also included "Day of the Shark 3," which featured six tales from shark attack survivors, including a woman who lost 40 percent of her blood and most of her "bottom" in an encounter with a shark near the Great Barrier Reef.

Watch Monday's shows online here.

Click here to watch full episodes from Sunday's programming. You can see "Ultimate Air Jaws" and "Into the Shark Bite," where you'll get close-up views from inside a shark's mouth. Yowza.

Click here to watch the Discovery Channel's online Shark Cam, which features live footage from the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.