Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 3: Farrah Abraham baby father died, Maci Bookout new boyfriend Kyle

Tuesday's episode of "Teen Mom" on MTV included an especially emotional scene when Farrah Abraham told a therapist the father of her daughter Sophia had passed away.

How did the father of Farrah's baby die?

Sophia's father, who some online sources identify as Derek Underwood, reportedly died in a 2008 car accident. Click here for a Facebook memorial page that features photos of Underwood and Abraham.

Also on Tuesday's show, viewers met Kyle, the new guy "Teen Mom" star Maci Bookout is reportedly dating.

Here's a full recap of the episode:


Valentine's Day is approaching and Maci's friends want her to go out and meet some guys. Maci feels like she's lost her game so she and her friends practice pickup lines on Maci's son, Bentley. Hilarity ensues.

Maci hits the club, sees some cute guys, but can't picture any of them being right for her and Bentley.

Back at school, Maci gets a call from Kyle -- a guy she's known since she was, like, 7. She wastes no time telling him she and Ryan (the father of her son) have broken up. "Don't forget about me," he says. We learn she and Kyle talked a lot in the past but were never together.

Maci vows she's too busy to date, but it was nice to hear from Kyle.

During the Bentley handoff, Maci sees a girl in the car with Ryan. Awkward. Maci says she's not sad, just surprised. Especially since the girl didn't introduce herself.

Maci discusses the situation with her mom, who reminds her of the importance of only introducing Bentley to quality people.

Apparently, the "quality" label extends to Kyle. Maybe. Maci visits him. "It's been too long since I've seen you," he says.

Sample conversation: "You look good," Maci says. Kyle's response? "You look better." Kissing follows.


Amber goes shopping for Valentine's Day while worried about Gary's recent single streak. She wants them to get engaged -- or, um, re-engaged -- so she'll know things are serious.

At home, Gary and Amber exchange gifts. Amber gives him a key to her heart. Gary gives Amber a variety of gifts, including a bracelet. Let's dismiss the chance it might be from Walmart.

Amber gets emotional and tearfully tells Gary, "I just didn't think we were going to get back together."

Gary and Amber enjoy a romantic dinner at a restaurant...with their daughter Leah, who starts screaming mid-dinner.

Anyway, Amber tells Gary she wants to be engaged. Gary says he's not ready for that. Amber starts yelling. "You just ruined my V-Day," Gary says. The massive fight continues on the ride home and Gary vows he's moving out.

Amber is worried Gary will leave. At home, she apologizes and says, "What did I do that was so horrendously bad that you just leave?" After lots of crying, Gary settles down in bed beside Amber.

Gary promises he wants to marry Amber -- eventually. "Would a promise ring help you?" Gary asks and somehow pulls a ring out of nowhere. Amber accepts the promise ring and this week's chaos ceases.


When Catelynn's little brother moves back in, the family moves into a bigger house. That's good because now Catelynn is closer to fiance Tyler.

Catelynn discusses the fallout of last episode's near-breakup and says she and Tyler are trying to be more honest with each other.

Tyler is getting Catelynn flowers and chocolate for Valentine's Day. His original plan? Get a hotel room. The idea doesn't go over too well. "That's for when you're older," Tyler's mom says.

Tyler and his mom get into a deep discussion about how the adoption situation with Tyler and Catelynn's daughter made Tyler lose his life as a teenager.

Tyler's mom says he needs to become a teenager again. Tyler's response? "How do I do that?"

On the plus side, Tyler finally got his license and bought a car. Tyler and Catelynn exchange gifts, happy that their parents don't have to drive them around on Valentine's Day.

Tyler has a surprise up his sleeve. No, not the hotel room. They're going ice skating. It's fun, but Tyler feels guilty about doing what he wants. You know, because of the adoption. Tyler also reminds Catelynn he hasn't forgotten about the near-breakup from last week's episode.

Catelynn advises Tyler to talk to an adoption counselor, who says Tyler should talk to somebody in a similar situation.

Tyler has the phone number for another guy who gave his kid up for adoption, but Tyler hasn't called yet. He finally takes the plunge. A bromance follows and Tyler cries. Catelynn hopes he'll start opening up more about his feelings.


The state is charging Farrah's mom with assault. Farrah doesn't want her mom to go to jail, but she also doesn't want her spending time with Farrah's daughter, Sophia.

But now that Farrah's on her own, things with Sophia aren't easy. Sophia's birthday is approaching and Farrah is a little nervous.

She decides it's time for therapy. The reason? "I don't want to be my mom," Farrah says.

During her therapy session, Farrah says her family is causing her stress. She vows her mom is fake about her feelings. She says her relationship with her mom took a bad turn when Farrah announced she was pregnant. Her mom called her bad names -- as in, unprintable names -- after learning she was pregnant, Farrah says.

"Not what you needed to hear at that time," the therapist says.

To make matters worse, the father of her child passed away and her family never discussed it with Farrah. When the therapist asks Farrah about being in love with the father of her child, she says, "I don't want to talk about that."

Farrah gets a call from her father. He wants to have dinner with Farrah and Sophia for Sophia's birthday. The dinner suggestion includes Farrah's mom, of course.

Farrah reluctantly agrees and takes Sophia out for a pedicure while hoping things turn out well.

The birthday dinner doesn't exactly go well, even though Farrah is flaunting her new "Sophia's Mom" T-shirt. Farrah's mom basically enters her own little universe with Sophia and ignores most of what Farrah says. This episode is the first time I've genuinely felt sorry for Farrah.

She goes home and reads Farrah her birthday card, something she wasn't able to do during dinner. Happy birthday, Sophia!

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