So You Think You Can Dance Aug. 4 recap: Proposition 8 decision discussed on SYTYCD Top 4 show

Wednesday's "So You Think You Can Dance" Top 4 performance show included politics and angry clowns. How's that for entertainment diversity?

"SYTYCD" judge Adam Shankman gave a shout-out to Calfornia's Proposition 8 decision early in the episode. "Equality and decency was just restored to the great state of California," Shankman said, jokingly asking for judge Nigel Lythgoe's hand in marriage.

A federal judge on Wednesday overturned California's same-sex marriage ban.

Anyway, the performances: Kent Boyd solidified his spot in the finale, Adechike Torbert struggled, Lauren Froderman impressed us while playing a deadly black widow and Robert Roldan entered scary clown territory.

Here's a full recap of Wednesday's show:


Woo hoo! Everybody is happy and healthy -- at least for now.

Remember, this week's decision is entirely in the viewers' hands. Tyce Diorio joins the judges' panel tonight. Groan. This show could use a little less Tyce and a little more Mary Murphy. Agree?

The judges say Saturday's National Dance Day went well.

First up, the Top 4 perform a Tyce Diorio group routine to "The Crapshooters' Dance" from "Guys and Dolls." It's pretty much standard Broadway. Lauren gets a lot of lifts, naturally. Not too bad overall. I'd mainly classify it as "fun." Kent is obviously in his element, but there isn't one clear standout here.

Tyce: "Kent, you really do stand out...Adechike, I want to see the fight."

Shankman: "I think that this has been a remarkable, remarkable time for you guys."

Nigel: "Know that you've given it your best shot."

What? No comment from Mia Michaels?!? Can't say I'm disappointed.


Lauren Froderman pairs with all-star Pasha Kovalev for a tango choreographed by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo. It's a story about a girl who breaks up with a guy and then he sees visions of her. Or something. Music is "Oblivion" by Astor Piazzolla. This is a more subdued, seductive side of Lauren and it's initially a little tough to process. But as I adjust, I like this routine. There's lots of control and emotion -- enough for Lauren to show us how she's matured.

Nigel: "Wow, the passion in that was incredible to see...The control of it all I thought was magnificent."

Tyce: "The silence was golden in this piece. It was golden and you used it."

Mia: "Lauren, you just became a woman."

Shankman: "Equality and decency was just restored to the great state of California." He asks Nigel to marry him. Tells Lauren she's amazing.


Adechike Torbert teams with all-star Lauren Gottlieb for a Sean Cheesman African jazz routine about a journey to the Promised Land. Music is "The Path" by Ralph MacDonald. This is a pretty fun routine. As usual, Adechike offers lots of athleticism, but his personality is lacking a bit. It's not bad, and clearly Adechike has a pretty loyal fan base.

Nigel: "Good fun routine...You've laid down a base now to build on."

Tyce: "You have to look and you have to find and discover...I think that you could have taken it that much further."

Mia: "I didn't care for that...It wasn't the piece, it was the execution...I want to feel from you full body, full mind and full heart."

Shankman: "I felt conscious of you being in the choreography on that one."


Robert Roldan pairs with all-star Anya Garnis for a Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jonathan Roberts from "Dancing with the Stars." Music is "Lost" by Anouk. It's a strong, emotional effort from Robert. Very nice. The judges will totally eat it up, but I'm not sure if Robert has mastered the art of completely connecting with an audience. Technically, he's really strong, but are viewers sold on his star potential?

Nigel: "Congratulations, young man. Good job. Excellent."

Tyce: "You wore it like a suit. Great."

Mia: "You're like the prince of this season."

Shankman: "If there is ever a night to be brilliant it is this one. And you were brilliant."

Wow, in his post-performance video interview, we learn Robert lives with Channing Cooke from "SYTYCD" Season 6.


Kent Boyd pairs with all-star Courtney Galiano for a Doriana Sanchez disco routine. It's about love on a dance floor. Kent isn't too familiar with the topic, since he's never been to a club. Music is "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta featuring Kelly Roland. Kent lacks a little "oomph" on this one. His movements come off a bit too rigid at times. It's not one of my favorites, but I'd be shocked if Kent wasn't safe this week.

Nigel: "Disco is so tough." Says Kent didn't make it look cheesy.

Tyce: "Kent, that was a good job...It was just good."

Mia: "That was a little rough for me...For me, it was the worst performance from you this season."

Shankman: "She's not totally wrong, guys."


Lauren Froderman pairs with all-star Ade Obayomi for a Sean Cheesman jazz routine. It's about Lauren seducing Ade. The catch? She's a deadly black widow. Haha. Music is "Hide You" by Kosheen. This is another strong, fierce routine from Lauren. She's showcased a more mature side of her personality tonight and I like it. I expect to see her in the finale.

Nigel: "It was really strong work. It was masculine work and you did it in a feminine way." Says Lauren deserves to be in the finale.

Tyce: Says it was a good routine, but it could have been more ferocious at times

Mia: "You're a beast, you really are."

Shankman: "I want to hire you...It would be my privilege to work with you."


Adechike Torbert teams with all-star Kathryn McCormick for a Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden contemporary routine. Music is "Fearless Love" by Melissa Etheridge. Again, Adechike showcases some really strong athletic moves, but his personality gets a little lost. There's almost too much happening in this routine. Adechike has a few strong moments, though.

Nigel: "I think you lost a little bit of wind toward the end...You've got to keep it going...You've done a wonderful job across this season."

Tyce: "I want to celebrate where you're at, right here in this position." Translation - Peace out, Adechike. Nice knowing you.

Mia: "I wanted more, I'm not going to lie."

Shankman: "You have grown so much on this show."

We get a pretty emotional post-performance video that showcases Adechike's rough upbringing. He ends up crying on stage.


Robert Roldan pairs with all-star Dominic Sandoval for a Tabitha/Napoleon hip-hop routine about clowns who learn their circus is closing. Hmm, I guess you can't go wrong with angry clowns. Music is "Scars" by Basement Jaxx. Wow, these scary clowns have invaded my nightmares more than once. Robert is good here, largely because the routine relies on a theatrical side of his personality. He's pretty strong technically, too.

Nigel: "Whatever we throw at you, you just do it...You did everything that was asked of you."

Tyce: "Robert, you really showed up to this piece and that's what people are waiting for."

Mia: "You committed to everything...You just hit it hard."

Shankman: Says Robert out-danced Dominic. "You were sickness, dude. This night is yours."


Last up, Kent Boyd dances a Travis Wall contemporary piece with all-star Neil Haskell. It's about two guys who are best friends -- but one of them is a backstabber and thus they need to end their friendship. Music is "How it Ends" by DeVotchKa. Wow, this is really good. Kent lives up to the hype, delivering an emotional performance that's technically solid. A great way to end the night.

Nigel: "Absolutely chilling piece." Asks Travis Wall if somebody recently stabbed him in the back and Travis says yes.

Tyce: "Are you kidding me...Amazing."

Mia: "I can't find the words...It's so real and so uncomfortably awful." She's crying, of course.

Shankman: "If this were the finale, Kent, you would have just won the show."