Real Housewives of DC Aug. 5 recap: Michaele Salahi appears on cast amid The View conflict

"The Real Housewives of DC" premiered Thursday on Bravo, and the show surprisingly included women other than Michaele Salahi.

Salahi and her husband are accused of showing up to a White House event uninvited.

While some interviews have said the apparent White House incident will get limited air time, promos and buzz surrounding the newest addition to the "Housewives" franchise suggest otherwise.

Here's a quick roundup of what we learned from Thursday's show:

Michaele Salahi

She's described as a model and northern Virginia native in her bio on Bravo's website. It adds that she and husband Tareq founded America’s Polo Cup and run a family vineyard.

What doesn't the bio mention? The duo is accused of crashing a 2009 White House State Dinner. Salahi made headlines this week for fallout from her recent appearance on ABC's "The View."

Click here for details on Salahi's apparent feud with Whoopi Goldberg from "The View."

In the video that accompanies this page, Goldberg responds to reports that she had an altercation with Salahi.

While introducing herself on Thursday's premiere, Michaele tells us she loves to make an entrance. She promises there's lots of substance to her personality.

She says her entire life changed when she met Tareq. They spend a fortune staying in hotels.

We see Michaele and Tareq at America's Polo Cup. Michaele stays busy hugging the crowd. Fellow Housewife Lynda has no desire to ever be associated with "that little goat rodeo" because of bad experiences in the past.

Stacie Scott Turner

She has a Harvard MBA and a successful real estate practice. She's married with two young children and founded a charity, Extra-Ordinary Life, which focuses on helping teenage girls living in D.C. foster care.

Stacie tells us there's a big difference between living in D.C. and living in the suburbs. She met Barack Obama years ago and knew that he was "going places."

Wow, she does $25-$30 million in real estate sales a year.

Stacie has been married 12 years. She and her husband are very structured parents.

On Thursday's show, Stacie holds a cooking party with some of the other Housewives and Janet Jackson's personal chef.

Catherine Ommanney

She's labeled a "feisty Brit" on her Bravo bio. She moved to the U.S. with her two daughters after reuniting with and marrying her high school sweetheart. She's an interior designer and writer.

We learn Catherine's husband is one of the best photographers in America and has done lots of political photography.

Catherine attends Michaele's polo event in an attempt to meet some people in D.C. Michaele makes it a personal mission to take her horseback riding. How do we know it's official? There's a pinky pact involved.

Catherine's impressions of the event aren't as enthusiastic. She says she expected something bigger. Ouch.

At Stacie's cooking party, Catherine talks about reuniting with the love of her life. It's cool at first, but eventually the women think she's monopolizing the conversation.

Catherine's other character flaw? She hates Tyra Banks. It doesn't go over well at the cooking party. "The whole room got a little awkward," Mary says. Do NOT speak poorly about Tyra, ladies.

Oh yeah, Catherine also implies George W. Bush is a better man than Obama. Why? Partially because Obama didn't RSVP to her wedding.

Stacie's impression? "I am not a fan."

Lynda Erkiletian

Originally from the South, she's the owner and founder of a prominent modeling agency in D.C. She's a divorced mother of four and has a much younger boyfriend.

In the show's opening moments, we learn her agency caters to a very elite client base.

Lynda has no desire to be married again. But wow, her 6-foot-5 boyfriend is pretty cute.

Get ready for some potential feuds between Michaele and Lynda.

She's not especially thrilled to see Michaele at Mary's birthday party. Lynda thinks Michaele has changed since meeting Tareq. She also thinks Michaele is too skinny. She thinks she can see every bone in Michaele's chest.

Lynda asks her stylist friend to talk to Michaele about her weight. "I'm healthy, I'm happy. I've always been thin," Michaele says during the conversation.

Mary Schmidt Amons

She's a second-generation Washingtonian who's the granddaughter of a legendary radio and TV personality. She's been married for over 20 years and has five children. She also helps with two D.C.-based charities.

The show kicks off with Mary's annual family portrait. Sound boring? Think again. They bring bottles of wine. Mary tells us some people call her a super mom.

Thursday's show centers on Mary's upcoming birthday party, which Lynda is planning.

Initially, Mary doesn't want to invite Michaele to the party, but she reconsiders because she doesn't want her to feel left out. Overall, the party turns out well. The only awkward moment is when a tipsy Mary approaches an African-American stylist to discuss integration for hair salons.

Mary's husband was chosen as one of Washingtonian Magazine's top style-setters. Too bad they mispronounce his name during the banquet. Lynda also gets a style-setter award.

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