Big Brother 12 results Aug. 5: Kristen Bitting evicted, who is Big Brother Head of Household Aug. 5?

Kristen Bitting was evicted from "Big Brother 12" Thursday night. Viewers learned that despite her showmance with fellow house guest Hayden Moss, Kristen has a boyfriend at home.

Also, Ragan will have the chance to become the new saboteur.

The HoH competition involved a giant spinning can of paint and was under way when the episode ended. The winner will be announced on Sunday's show, which airs 8 p.m. on CBS.

Can't wait until Sunday? Click here for a spoiler.

Here's a full recap of Thursday's show:


The show kicks off with some footage of what happened after Britney announced she wouldn't use POV. Hayden and Kristen are mad. Remember, Britney didn't use the veto because Rachel said she might put Lane up for eviction if Britney used her power.

Kristen cries while thinking about being separated from Hayden.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Brendon assure Hayden he's safe. He feels "way better." Britney tells Enzo about Rachel's idea to put Lane up for eviction. Enzo gets angry and tells us the Brigade is coming after Brendon and Rachel.

When Britney talks to Kristen and Hayden, she tells them about how the Lane idea impacted her decision. Kristen gets angry and again discusses the possibility of ripping Rachel's head off.

Hayden and Kristen exchange teary emotions. Kristen doesn't know if she should fight for herself and thus put Hayden in danger. Um, hello, Kristen. You're totally going home tonight. There's not much you can do.

While Rachel's away, Britney, Matt and Ragan hang out in her room and do some pretty amazing Rachel imitations. They get caught in the act, but tell Rachel it was all a giant joke. She buys it. Rachel calls it hilarious and promises us that making fun of someone is the best form of flattery.

Kristen is worried because Hayden encouraged her to campaign for herself. She suspects he's in an alliance. Kristen shares her thoughts with Ragan and he agrees she's on to something.

Kristen approaches Britney to see where she stands. Kristen tries to convince Britney that Hayden will only align himself with other strong guys.

Then, Kristen pleads the same case to Brendon. He wonders if he can trust Kristen.

Julie Chen chats with the house guests and compliments Kristen on her unitard. Hayden says Kristen looks hot in the unitard. Julie asks Britney who's the most difficult house guest to live with. Her answer? Ragan, because of his flatulence. Ragan says every fart his come from Britney's legs. Awkward.

We get some footage of Hayden's mom watching the show. She says she's shocked by the showmance and doesn't think Kristen's genuinely into him. She calls Kristen crazy.

Then, we see Kristen's friends watching the show. They're shocked by the showmance and tells us Kristen has a BOYFRIEND, Steve. We see him watching the show. He says they were together for a little over two months before she came on the show. "I feel betrayed, I feel lied to," he says, adding that she has a mess to clean up when she gets back home.

In a private interview with Rachel, Julie asks if she and Brendon have plans to include anybody else in their alliance. Rachel says they want to pull Britney in. Rachel says Matt is now at the top of her must-evict list. Rachel assures us still in love with Brendon.

Voting time. While pleading his case, Hayden criticizes evicted Andrew and gives a shout-out to his family. Kristen tells us she tried her best.

Enzo votes to evict Kristen. Kathy votes for Hayden. Matt votes for Kristen.

Lane votes for Kristen. Regan votes for Kristen. Brendon votes for Kristen. Britney votes for Kristen.

On a 6-1 decision, Kristen is evicted from the Big Brother house.

In her interview with Julie, Kristen says people were worried about the possible payout if she stayed. Then, we see house guests' goodbyes. Of course, Rachel says Kristen was trying to steal her man. Hayden confesses about the Brigade in his goodbye video. I love how Brendon says Kristen was silly for suspecting an alliance.

As for the future of her relationship(s), Kristen says she needs to spend some time alone.

Time for "The Most Important Head of Household Competition of the Summer." The new HoH has the chance to open Pandora's Box, which could be good or evil.

If they open it, the new saboteur plan will go into effect.

Which brings us to the potential new saboteur, based on viewers' votes. Enzo and Ragan were most popular. Who won? Ragan! He'll have a chance to become the saboteur.

HoH competition time. Contestants stand on a giant spinning can of paint. They sporadically get squirted with paint. There's also a giant paintbrush hitting them occasionally. Last person standing is HoH. The first person to fall off the paint can will be the one and only "have not" for the week.

The competition is under way when the show ends.

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