Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 2: GTL is back. What's up with Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D?

We're watching Season 2 Episode 2 of Jersey Shore and live blogging it. Check out our thoughts on Sammi Sweetheart, The Situation and more:

A quick montage brings the viewer up to speed about what's happened so far and then we're right in the action: The boys are back at the house and talking about Ronnie's actions. Ronnie appears prepared to attempt to sleep with his ex, Sweetheart. The Situation doesn't believe this is likely, and shares those thoughts with us.

Cut to Ronnie creeping into her bedroom, lying next to her in bed. She asks if he did anything, he lies, she says "I love you."

"It is gonna blow up and it's gonna be crazy," says Vinny.

The Situation is lying in bed, he grabs a beer and takes a swig. Ronnie doesn't remember what he's doing, who he is, what country he's in. He's asking people what's happening and people aren't telling him. Ronnie explains that he had a "Snooki" night. Pauly D is on the phone explaining the situation, lowercase, and he's laying it on pretty hard on the guy.

Cut to scenes of Ronnie completely creeping out on the ladies at the club. Are they associating with him because he's on television? We may never know.

The crew slowly wake up and make their way into the communal room. Sweetheart also has problems remembering what's going on, but she does remember what Ronnie said to her. Sweetheart does not know what Ronnie is thinking.

We have commercial sign!!!

The crew is in the kitchen, and Sweetheart is trying to draw information out of the other guys about Ronnie. They're keeping to the guy code and keeping their mouths shut. It doesn't appear to even be noon yet and Snooki is recommending alcohol.

Cue the bikini shots on the beach. The guys are in the car, and they know Angelina will spill the beans.

"I'm gonna lie about the kissing, but I'm gonna tell about the dancing with the girls. I'm gonna deny, deny, deny until Angelina says something."

Over to the girls, who are searching for cool places to shop. They're checking out various skimpy clothes, and everyone seems pleased with the inventory.

Really awful looking sunglasses cost $395. Snooki buys them for unknown reasons.

Back to the guys, and Ronnie is trying to figure out what Angelina is going to tell. Angelina says she doesn't know anything, and she suggests that Ronnie remains single. Just in general, you know what I mean?

But Ronnie's getting a little deep. He has feelings for Sweetheart ...

The sun goes down, and the girls are back at the pad. Cue an accident in the fridge, which the producers no doubt made happen.

Vinny says Snooki is a walking disaster. He may be right. The chicken is sitting, laying? on the floor, and nobody is picking it up. Snooki attempts to clean up, but Vinny is really unhappy about that and he lectures her on the value of being a good wife by knowing how to be tidy.

Oh no!!! Commercial sign!!!

We are back in the heat of the Miama night. The Situation is in the hottub, and Sweetheart decides to go through Ronnie's little black book. She then walks over and confronts him about it.

Ronnie is not happy. Sammi lets him know that she would never do such an action, and she uses harsh words against him.

Ronnie is upset, adding he would never do such an action.

The guys back him up. Ronnie tries to talk to Sammi, who's locked herself in a bathroom, or maybe a bedroom. Sammi admits she loves Ronnie, and is therefore severely damaged in her cerebrum.

Meanwhile, back to the dinner situation, lowercase. It's not looking good. Ronnie's outside, talking to JWoww. He admits he got a little wild the previous night, and he's explaining what he's not going to tell Sweetheart.

The Situation orders some food. Under the name The Situation. The guy on the phone isn't happy with this.

Snooki's checking out a naked female in the bathroom, then Vinny checks it out. Is it Sammi? Could be.

Someone calls Angelina, and Pauly D is unhappy. She's always on the phone. Don't they have cell phones?

Back to dogging on Angelina. All the women hate her. They perceive Angelina as talking smack about their familes/boyfriends.

Cue the confrontation: Snooki is verbally attacking Angelina. Again, there are many bleeps, which makes it difficult to comprehend their discussion.

Yet another commercial sign!!!

The fight continues between Snooks and Angelina. They're shouting and disagreeing about what reality is. JWoww is now involved in the fight, backing up Snooki. But Angelina remains by herself. She has no allies. JWoww threatens to physically assault her, and lets her know that Angelina should sleep with one eye open.

Angelina lets the others know that she's being real. Snooki hangs up on someone who wants to speak with Angelina. Now on to a quick montage that includes Snooki drinking.

JWoww tells the guys that Ronnie made certain admissions to her. The guys then, foolishly, dump the whole bag of information.

Vinny says to the viewer that The Situation is dying to tell that Ronnie wants to sleep with Sweetheart after hooking up with the girls at the club.

Back to commercial sign!!!

Back to the beach. Sweetheart thinks she may have made an error by lashing out at Ronnie. He, however, is playing the hurt boyfriend. He admits that he called his ex girlfriend, and lets Sweetheart know that she told him to give Sweetheart a chance.

Evil guy thoughts: A+, Ronnie. Well played.

So, Ronnie says they've got to learn from the problems and grow from it. They've just got to work on it.

The crew is preparing for a trip. They're going to work at a gillato shop. Good thing they're not hyping up any stereotypes on this show ...

The owner teaches them how to scoop the confection. And the crew moves to something else.

Ronnie decides he wants to get a painful tattoo. Sweetheart is strangely supportive of his decision to scar his body permanently. She holds his hand during a procedure that he's paying for.

Sweetheart will always be there for Ronnie, even if they hate each other. Good to know.

The pair then walk away down the street, seemingly in a relationship again, touching, happy to be with each other.

Is it happening? Is it commercial sign!!!!

The crew is back on the strip. Angelina is hanging with the guys, likely because the other women despise her.

Back to the house, Pauly D puts on the spray tan. The Situation explains his shirt before the shirt. It's wife beaters before the T-shirt.

Then it's time to take the cab to another club. Women appear to favor men who are on TV. A woman may be hitting on Angelina, who decides to get drunk to get rid of her problems.

Pauly D remarks on Angelina's choice to dance with women. He is not surprised. Meanwhile, Angelina says she just needed to forget about the stress.

A woman sits on top of The Situation, who is disappointed that she bit him. Pauly D dances with a married woman. Pauly D now appears to be kissing a married woman.

Angelina faux confronts Pauly D about the married woman, and Angelina tells Pauly D that she loves him. The Situation then explains that the true Angelina will reveal herself when the alcohol takes hold.

And ... yet ... one ... more ... commercial ... sign!!!

It's another morning, and some people may be hungover. Angelina is in the kitchen with some of the guys. She gells Pauly D that his mental acumen is lacking. Pauly D lets her know she shouldn't concern herself with his actions.

The Situation tries to calm the situation, lowercase, down. She then tells Pauly D she'd marry him right now.

Pauly D tells her to drop the conversation and move on. She questions his seriousness, and she begins to cry. She tells him that Pauly D doesn't care, and The Situation lets her know that she may be inebriated.

Angelina lets The Situation and Pauly D know that she loves Pauly D, yet the latter is angering her. Pauly D, however, doesn't want to deal with a possibly drunk Angelina.

She has just lost her remaining two friends in the house. When she touches Pauly D, he screams at her:

"Are you touching me? Stop touching me!"

As the show ends, the viewer is aware that Angelina no longer has no anyone in the home that is her friend.

We ... are ... out!!!