2 plead guilty to meth accusations

A man and woman pleaded guilty on Monday to methamphetamine accusations, attorneys said.

Joshua Scarborough, 24, and Hillary Yates, 25, both pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. In addition, Scarborough pleaded guilty to an additional possession count and to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of a police officer, said Assistant District Attorney Crawford Seals.

Scarborough was sentenced to eight years in prison, followed by two years’ probation. Yates was sentenced to a year in prison, followed by nine on probation, court officials said.

Both initially faced charges of trafficking in methamphetamine.

Scarborough was involved in two separate cases while Yates was involved in only the first, which happened in June 2009, the prosecutor said. According to Seals, authorities were serving arrest warrants — including one for Scarborough — when they spotted the suspect.

Scarborough tried to leave, though authorities caught him and brought him back to the scene. Yates claimed the illicit materials found in a car, Seals said.Defense attorney Mark Shelnutt, who represents Yates, said he believes it was a fair resolution to the case.

“She’s been wanting to get this behind her and get on with her life,” Shelnutt added. “I think this was a wake-up call.”

The second incident happened in April, when Scarborough was out on bond, Seals said. Scarborough was standing in the parking lot of a Macon Road hotel by a car that wasn’t his. He ran from authorities, but was brought back to the scene, the prosecutor said.

A search of the car revealed meth, Seals added.

Defense attorney Frank Martin, who represents Scarborough, said a trafficking conviction would have required some type of fine. That’s not the issue with a possession with intent to distribute charge.

“I thought it a reasonable offer — the willingness to reduce it from trafficking,” Martin said.