The Bachelor Pad recap: Juan and Michelle are eliminated the first week

"Too slick" Juan Barbieri from Jillian Harris' season of "The Bachelorette" and "crazy" Michelle Kujawa from Jake Pavelka's season of "The Bachelor" were eliminated on the first episode of ABC's newest reality TV show "Bachelor Pad."

The show pits former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants against each other in a competition for money and love. The last man or woman standing wins $250,000. The eight men and 11 women in the first episode spent the majority of their on-air time wearing swimsuits and sipping cocktails while discussing their strategies for winning. During the show's taping, the group lived together in a "bachelor pad" (get it?) in Los Angeles.

Here's a recap of week one:

Contestants will compete in a different challenge each week to win a rose which will save the winner from that week's elimination. The winner will also be able to take three members of the opposite sex on a "date." During the date, the winner will give one of his or her dates a rose which means that person will also be safe from elimination.

Each week two contestants will be eliminated. The women will vote for one guy to be eliminated while the men will vote for one woman to be eliminated.

The first competition is a game of Twister. Juan Barbieri said playing with swimsuit models was distracting but "it was awesome." Craig McKinnon won Twister. His archenemy "The Weatherman" Jonathan Novack said "I pretty much knew for sure there was no God." The women had decided before the game that they should send Craig home because he was a jerk. His win ruined their plan. "The girls are freaking out," Natalie Getz said.

Craig chose Jessie Sulidis, Gwen Gioia and Elizabeth Kitt for his date. Why them? He said Elizabeth "had the wrong idea about him" based on her taunting during Twister, he promised Jessie during Twister to pick her and he said he wanted to get to know Gwen better. He took the three ladies to the beach for the afternoon. The evening was to be spent at the Greek Theatre. Co-host Melissa Rycroft Strickland greeted the group and told Craig that he had to chose just one woman to continue on the date. He picked Jessie and they enjoyed a private concert. Jessie received the rose and was therefore safe.

Though some of the men and women had appeared on different seasons of the show, many already knew each other when taping for this show began. Some met during "Bachelor" reunions and had already formed romantic relationships or friendships when "Bachelor Pad" cameras started rolling. Natalie and Jesse Beck were kissing and hugging during the show while Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth were arguing. Jesse K. told Elizabeth that a good strategy would be for them to not be "exclusive" during the show. Elizabeth, who said she was in love with Jesse K., warned him that if he was mean to her it could be bad for him. Elizabeth told him if he didn't show affection toward her that the girls with whom she was friends would vote him off the show. Prior to the show, Juan apparently stayed at Nikki Kappke's home in Chicago. She thought they had a connection, but after Juan's visit was over, he never called. Nikki was angry.

Romantic issues weren't only drama in the house, though. Tenley Molzhan started a rumor that Michelle had "hooked up" with Craig after he won Twister. Michelle denied the rumor and confronted Tenley by trapping her in the bathroom and discussing the situation. After that scene, a crying Tenley told her friends (and viewers) that she was scared of Michelle. Viewers didn't get to see how everyone in the house voted, but some votes are known: Natalie and Nikki voted for Juan. Craig M. and Wes voted for Michelle.

Eliminated during week one:

Juan Barbieri said if he could walk away from the show with $250,000 or the love of his life, he'd "take the money and run."Occupation: contractor Age: 37 Home: Los AngelesSeason: 5 with JillianFinal words: "I'm shocked... I guess she (Nikki) gets the last laugh," Juan said. "It will be less stressful," Nikki said.

Michelle KujawaOccupation: SalesAge: 26Home: CaliforniaSeason: 14 with Jake Final words: Michelle was angry with Tenley." I don't deserve to be treated this way," Michelle said. The guys disagreed. "There just weren't enough roses for all of Michelle's personalities. Besides, it's hard to put a rose on a straight jacket," The Weatherman said.


Jesse Beck: 25, a contractor in Missouri who was on Season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky.

Kiptyn Locke: 32, a sales manager in California who was on Season 5 with Jillian Harris.

Wes Hayden: 33, the musician from Texas is best known for having a girlfriend back home while dating Jillian Harris on Season Five. He is often called the worst (best?) villain in Bachelor history.

Jonathan Novack: 31, "The Weatherman" in Houston, who was on Season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky.

Jesse Kovacs: 28, a winemaker from L.A., who was on Season 5 with Jillian Harris.

David Good: 28, an entrepreneur in Ohio who was on Season 5 with Jillian Harris. He got drunk on one episode and was a bit crass when pointing out that Jillian was unknowingly flashing him.

Craig McKinnon: 34, the dental salesman in Canada, who is best known for his hair and being an enemy of "The Weatherman" during Season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky. The Weatherman once called Craig "dangerous."


Tenley Molzhan: 26, college admissions worker in California, who was best known for her "Disney-like" voice in Season 14 with Jake Pavelka.

Peyton Wright: 27, cheerleader apparel saleswoman in Dallas, who was on Season 10 with Andy Baldwin.

Ashley Elmore: 30, teacher in Virgina, who was on season 14 with Jake Pavelka.

Elizabeth Kitt: 30, saleswoman in L.A., who was on refused to kiss Jake Pavelka on Season 14, despite taunting him in each episode.

Gia Allemand: 26, swimsuit model in New York, who appeared on Season 14 with Jake Pavelka.

Gwen Gioia: age undisclosed (hey, she was on the 2003 Season Two with Aaron Buerge). She's a project manager in Philadelphia.

Jessie Sulidis: 25, makeup artist in Canada, who appeared on Season 14 with Jake Pavelka.

Krisily Kennedy: 30, personal assistant in L.A., who was the runner-up in Season 7 with Charlie O'Connell.

Natalie Getz: 28, bartender in Hollywood, who was on Season 13 with Jason Mesnick.

Nikki Kappke: 30, administrative assistant in Chicago who was on Season 13 with Jason Mesnick.