Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 4: Amber and Gary engaged, Farrah discusses baby's father who died

Amber and Gary got engaged -- again -- during a Florida vacation on Tuesday's episode of "Teen Mom" on MTV. In addition to the conflict with her mom, Farrah got emotional while discussing the death of her baby's father.

How did the father of Farrah's baby die?

Sophia's father, who some online sources identify as Derek Underwood, reportedly died in a 2008 car accident. Click here for a Facebook memorial page that features photos of Farrah and Derek.

Also on Tuesday's episode, Maci continued to pursue a romantic relationship with Kyle.

Tyler and Catelynn attended couples counseling, but Tyler still couldn't trust Catelynn. Ultimately, he asked to see Catelynn's phone records and she accepted. We'll see how that worked out next week.

Here's a full recap of Tuesday's show:



Maci talks to her friends about Kyle, the new man in her life. She hopes he can handle her son Bentley.

Maci approaches Ryan (Bentley's father) about the girl he brought to her house while picking up Bentley. Maci wishes she would have introduced herself. Ryan says he told the new girl not to get out of the car.

Ryan vows the new girl is good with Bentley, but Maci still wants to meet her. You know, just to make sure.

Maci has Bentley for a few days and tries to wean him away from his pacifier. It's not a pretty process. Bentley gets super fussy.

On a better note, Maci really likes Kyle and can see herself marrying him -- "in like 20 years." She doesn't want him to meet Bentley until she knows things are serious.

Ryan picks up Bentley and isn't exactly thrilled about the pacifier removal process.

Quick shot of Ryan and his new girlfriend, who says she'd like to formally meet Maci. Bentley falls and is comforted with his pacifier.

When Maci picks Bentley up, Ryan is sleeping on the couch...and Bentley has his pacifier. Ryan's new girlfriend sits in the background and engages in casual conversation. Yet somehow, Ryan still doesn't formally introduce Maci to the new girl.

So the pacifier process isn't going too well, but Maci's new guy Kyle is here to save the day! He shows up at Maci's house and chats with her. Maci says Ryan's new girlfriend is actually kind of cool.


Gary is still unemployed and Amber's still working part-time at the tanning salon. She's exhausted, so Gary and daughter Leah pick her up after work for a snack. Leah destroys a display in the store.

Gary has a brilliant idea: Let's go on vacation! The destination? Florida. Initially, they're worried about finances, but things are kind of resolved once Lunchables enter the equation.

Shirtless Gary alert! Yowza. It's vacation time. Fortunately, they're staying with one of Amber's relatives in Florida. It's a 16-hour drive and Amber's dad is coming, too. Road trip!

It's not as fun as it sounds, since Leah starts screaming early in the trip. "Traveling with a baby is not easy," Amber says. That seems like an understatement.

They finally make it to Daytona Beach and eat with Amber's uncle and his girlfriend. Marriage enters the conversation and things get awkward. "I know what I want and I'm not waiting forever," Amber says.

When Amber and her dad leave the restaurant, Amber's uncle has a heart-to-heart with Gary and says it's time to propose. As in, like, now.

At the beach, Leah is pretty fussy. Fortunately, Amber's uncle agrees to watch Leah while Amber and Gary go to a beach dance party. And by "dance party," I mean Amber gyrating while Gary pretty much stands still.

On their last day in Florida, Amber's uncle agrees to watch Leah. While Amber and Gary walk on the beach, Gary proposes.

Amber's answer? "Gary, don't say it like that." His mistake was saying "do you want to marry me" instead of "will you marry me," apparently.

Gary mends his ways and asks again. After some hesitation, Amber says yes.


Farrah's still annoyed by her mom and doesn't want to talk to her until the lawyers reach an agreement about the assault charge. Farrah is stressed about her finances, but one good thing about the alleged assault situation is that she gets a babysitter for free. Temporarily.

We meet Farrah's friend Courtney, a single mom at Farrah's job. They bond.

Farrah meets with a prosecutor who tells her about the deal that's been posed to her mom. Under the deal, Farrah's mom must take an anger management course within six months and must plead guilty to simple interference on a police officer.

Quick shot of Farrah's mom's house. She says she'll admit her guilt to the police officer charge and it's a misdemeanor. She still thinks she was falsely accused and maintains Farrah was trying to break her finger. "It's too much," she says.

Farrah and her mom meet in an incredibly impersonal setting. Farrah's mom says she'll go to a counselor and do a community service project. Farrah's mom brings Farrah's baby book and reads some of the notes she wrote to baby Farrah.

Farrah's mom wants to put everything behind them. Farrah thinks she doesn't want to have a relationship with her family anymore.

With that, the meeting concludes. "You have a nice life," Farrah's mom says.

Farrah needs to unwind, so she meets up with one of her female friends. It's time to get crazy...with a pineapple punch bowl with no alcohol in it. Farrah's friend picks up the tab and guys hit on Farrah.

Farrah has a heart-to-heart with her friend and says she compares all guys to Sophia's dad. She imagined they'd end up together forever. "It's really sad," Farrah says while crying.


Catelynn celebrates her birthday with her family at the roller rink. Couples skate! Or not. Tyler's acting distant.

Why? Big surprise: He's still mad about the whole ex-boyfriend situation and wants to go to couples counseling. He thinks Catelynn's putting up a wall. She starts crying. What if counseling doesn't work? "Then we can't be together," Tyler says. Sad face.

Catelynn talks to her mom about her problems with Tyler. Catelynn's mom asks what Catelynn would do if she and Tyler broke up. Her response? "I don't know. Die?" So emo.

Welcome to counseling session No. 1. Tyler says he has issues with trusting Catelynn. They re-hash the story about Catelynn lying about keeping in touch with her ex. They also bring up the daughter they gave up for adoption.

Catelynn is happy after the session, but Tyler is pretty melancholy.

Tyler admits he's still bitter. Seriously, Tyler is kind of a downer this season.

He wants Catelynn's phone records. Are you kidding me? Catelynn starts crying, again. She gives Tyler permission to get her phone records.