Ellen on So You Think You Can Dance: DeGeneres dances Alex Wong hip-hop routine

Ellen DeGeneres took Alex Wong's place in a hip-hop routine on Thursday's "So You Think You Can Dance" finale.

Initially, I thought the "big reveal" surrounding the surprise dancer was a little anticlimactic. But Ellen did a great job. Watch the dance by clicking on the video that accompanies this page.

What do you think?

Alex, a ballet dancer who had to withdraw from "SYTYCD" due to injury, performed the routine earlier this season with all-star Twitch Boss.

Last week, judges told viewers a surprise guest would perform Alex's part in the routine on the finale.

Spoilers surfaced on Wednesday that the mystery dancer would be Ellen DeGeneres.

"SYTYCD" judge Nigel Lythgoe wasn't too happy about the spoilers. He tweeted on Wednesday, "I'm pissed that people are spoiling tomorrow's surprise guest. Oh well she was incredible. Alex Wong's face was one of complete shock. Ha!"

Meanwhile, DeGeneres tweeted today, "Broke my heart when Alex had to drop out. Tonight, I do something and I hope it makes him smile."

Fox issued a press release confirming the news.