Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3: Snooki, The Situation are in the GTL

Welcome to the Ledger-Enquirer's live blogging of Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3. What follows is a succinct summary of the events of the Aug. 12, 2010, show:

We are back. Again, there's a series of montages bringing the viewer up to speed about recent events. For example, Pauly D has kissed a married woman. People don't care for Angelina.

Moving on. A quick recap of Angelina acting up around Pauly D and The Situation. Pauly D screams at her, questioning, "Are you touching me? She needs to leave this house, is what she needs to do."

The Situation points out that Angelina did, in fact, smack Pauly D. Angelina denies. The Situation notes that she smacked him three times, which is very similar to the number of times Peter denied Christ.

Angelina shows anger that Pauly D began associating with a woman she was with that evening. Pauly D and The Situation are incredulous she would act in such a manner.

Next scene: Vinny and others are heading to their "job." The boss hands out a uniform, and JWoww is not happy with the suffucating T-shirt. The boss is strict and demanding about how the confection is made.

Vinny shows his skills at making and wrapping a sanchwich. He then shows his skills talking to random women in the store.

Back to the house. Angelina realizes that something is amiss. She claims she doesn't remember what happened. The Situation calmly reminds her what she did. This leads Angelina to speak with Pauly D. She explains: "I don't know what happened last night." She's not comfortable in the house, and she doesn't know what she can do to make people accept her.

Pauly D accepts her apology, but he doesn't want to associate with her. Angelina, however, continues to rely on the excuse that she can't remember her actions.

Angelina wants a get out of jail free card, because she had too much to drink. Pauly D refuses to forgive.

Cue Angelina crying in the "diary room."

Oh no. Is it time for commercial sign!!!

Vinny points out that he needs a haircut. He and Ronnie head to a "hood" barbershop. Both men discuss how serious they are about their hair. They both like their new "do's."

That was just a little filler. We're back with Ronnie kissing Sweetheart, who seems legitimately fooled that he cares for her.

Meanwhile, Angelina is lying in bed, feeling bad/sorry for herself. The Situation says he feels bad, and wants to talk about her situation, lowercase.

He says Angelina and the other girls must get along. He suggests they forget about the past, not focus on past actions and instead look at how she acts from this point forth.

The viewer gets shots of the girls getting ready. Vinny points out that Snooki is hot. He is generally enamoured, and perhaps so is she.

Shots of the crew at a random club. Vinny is also enamoured of JWoww's personality.

Snooki decides to talk to Angelina, because she was in the same situation, lowercase, as last year. Her advice: be truthful. Angelina then admits that she said some unkind things about Snooki, and the two appear to make up.

Angelina then aplogizes to JWoww, though it may be to just make a truce.

Sweetheart is having a great time, but then she notices that Ronnie is completely drunk. He's dancing around, pushing himself into Sweetheart, who is sporting sunglasses and not entirely happy with his demeanor.

He then calls her the "b" word, and she leaves.

Here it is, another commercial sign!!!

Sweetheart is not pleased with Ronnie's actions. She crumbles emotionally and the girls are in a cab on the way home. Sweetheart immediately heads to bed while the boys are still drinking and dancing with random ladies.

Ronnie is creeping with some other women, kissing, dancing with them. Snooki confronts him, asking whether he truly wants to perform these functions. Ronnie states that he never crossed the line. He then points out that there's no problem, as long as others don't snitch on him.

Pauly D knows that the truth will come out. Snooki tells Ronnie that she needs to tell Sweetheart, though Ronnie is unhappy she would get involved. Ronnie then pushes Snooki, and Pauly D realizes the situation, lowercase, is out of hand and they must leave.

The boys are back at the house, and Ronnie cannot hold his liquor. The other guys realize it, and The Situation actually says he feels sorry for Sweetheart.

Vinny is sleeping on a beanbag chair, and Snooki is lying next to him talking to her boyfriend on the telephone. Vinny's drunk, and Snooki has Roman hands. She then completely destroys the table the phone and a lamp are on.

Drunkenness and forgetfulness are the pagan gods of this show.

Vinny then hops into bed and asks for Snooki to get into bed with him. They may have relations, though the viewer must decide for him or herself.

This is it. More commercial sign!!!

Vinny and Snooki slowly wake up. Naturally, Vinny has no memory of what may have occurred. The others are talking about their alleged relationship. Vinny then talks with her boyfriend, letting him know she's still sleeping.

Back to Ronnie and Sweetheart. JWoww is angry about the same merry-go-round relationship. Pauly D thinks that Sweetheart will continue to return to Ronnie regardless of if she knows Ronnie is creeping around.

Sweetheart is confused, because Ronnie is giving her mixed signals.

Segway into the crew at the confectionary shop as they "work." Ronnie explains that he loves Sweetheart, though he does like to creep. Sweetheart is happy that Ronnie called her his girlfriend.

Hmmm. The crew is discussing what they're going to do. Some want to play some pool. The boys want to find women. They are the MVP: Mike Vinny Pauly.

Angelina doesn't understand the acronym, and she wants to join them. But the boys don't want the drama a woman may bring. She doesn't want to be the only girl, and the guys put on their best Three Stooges act to convince her not to come along.

Vinny is unhappy, and the boys are making a plan to ditch her. When she turns her head, they're going to bolt. Understandably, she falls for it.

We are now in commercial sign!!!

The boys are at b.e.d. - a hep, hep, hep club in Miami. Vinny points out that they want to do their own thing, pick up women and take them home. Problem is, they are "grenades." Which is a Jersey term for "one who is not that attractive."

Men being men, and the fact that TV cameras are around, many women follow the men home. At one point, The Situation realizes that they are in the midst of grenades. But Pauly D is unaware, and The Situation is concerned for his buddy.

And here it is: What viewers have been teased about since before the season began. There's a false part of a woman's body floating in the hottub. The men start playing catch with it, and the guilty party is trying to remain calm.

The Situation decides that the women must go, and we are brought ...

... into another commerical sign!!!

Snooks and The Situation are at the confectionary shop, but Snooki is upset because of her height. She has problems at the bank, no doubt. She also has problems with basic dexterity.

The Situation decides to show The Situation outside, expecting the women to flock. Strangely, people are not being drawn like magnets to the shop.

Everyone remarks on the oddity as they yawn. Snooki needs something to do, so The Situation puts her on a ceramic camel.

Back at the house: The boys discuss where they'd be willing to go. Ronnie sounds like he'd prefer to lie in bed with Sweetheart. Though if Sweetheart goes with the girls, Ronnie is going to creep around with the guys.

That makes Sweetheart upset, because she knows the guys only want to associate with women. Sweetheart notes that if Ronnie goes to the clubs, she will be angered.

And perhaps only one more time, we have commercial sign!!!

Ronnie has indecision about what to do: should he go out or stay with Sweetheart. He decides to go out with the guys, but Sweetheart is not happy. She's not used to him going out all the time, and it makes her emotions rise.

Ronnie has some poor excuses about why he's going out with the guys. Snooki tells Sweetheart she should come out with them.

Sweetheart wonders: why would Ronnie go out, when his friends are only going to associate with club girls?

Cue the shots of Ronnie creeping with club girls.

JWoww points out that Sweetheart would have righteous anger if Sweetheart knew how Ronnie acted while at clubs. Snooki points out, she will find out eventually.

And as the episode ends, we see Ronnie dancing with faceless women while Sweetheart lies in bed by herself.

And the episode has ended!!!