Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 5: Are Tyler and Catelynn still together?

Tuesday's episode of "Teen Mom" on MTV was filled with apologies.

Tyler and Catelynn finally resolved their arguments about Catelynn's contact with her ex-boyfriend. Amber and Gary, meanwhile, got into their obligatory screaming match but naturally made up by the end of the episode.

Farrah lost some money in a failed business transaction, while Maci moved forward with her new relationship.

Here's a full recap of the show:


She and Gary are newly engaged -- for the 200th time -- and back from their Florida vacation just in time to celebrate Easter.

The good news? The Easter Bunny is on the scene. The bad news? The Easter Bunny is Gary. Yes, the costume is as scary as it sounds. No wonder their daughter Leah ignores him.

Eventually, she warms up to him and they head over to Gary's mom's house. Does Gary really have to wear his costume on the road?

Gary takes off his costume to drop the engagement bomb to his parents. Amber and Gary say they want to get married on the beach in Florida.

Gary's parents' response is hardly enthusiastic. Gary's dad kinda-sorta makes a bad comment about Amber's family and Amber ends up leaving on her own, walking aimlessly down the street.

Um, maybe she'll find a good Easter egg hunt?

Actually, she just walks home. Gary calls Amber and says she needs to come back to his parents' house. It results in the obligatory screaming match between Amber and Gary. And another obligatory "Teen Mom" element: Gary packs his stuff up and sleeps somewhere else.

Gary comes home and apologizes. Big surprise, it results in another crying and screaming session.

But with a hug, all is resolved. For now.


Maci goes to Nashville and prepares to introduce her son Bentley to her new man, Kyle. The big introduction happens...and Bentley hides. Awkward, not to mention the fact that this is all happening in somebody else's dorm room.

"Maybe he doesn't like you," Maci says. Fortunately, Kyle eventually lures Bentley in with a toy. Bentley and Kyle quickly become good friends. A day of fun follows. Yes, an arcade is involved.

Added bonus: Kyle learns how to change a diaper!


She's getting ready to celebrate her first Easter without her family. Meanwhile, we get some footage of Farrah's mom doing her community service.

Farrah isn't doing too well living solo. She's still not quite sure how to fill out a rent check.

Farrah puts her car on the market because she wants to upgrade. It sells quickly. Farrah receives a check for $8,000, which includes $5,000 for the car and $3,000 to ship the car.

She puts the money in her account, then wires $3,000 to ship the car. I did some stalking and learned Farrah must have fallen victim to a scam like this one.

Long story short: Farrah learns she received a fraudulent check. Her account has a pretty massive negative balance. While she talks to her banker, her daughter Sophia falls off the bed. Chaos.

(In the middle of all those events, there's also a scene where Farrah makes a makeshift diaper for Sophia in a car detailing center's bathroom.)

In the show's final moments, Farrah cries to her friend and says she feels immature and is worried Sophia won't be proud of her.


Tyler still wants to see Catelynn's phone records to check how many times she's talked to her ex. Catelynn admits there's still some phone conversations she hasn't mentioned.

Tyler calls Catelynn selfish. Catelynn says if she were really selfish she wouldn't have given their daughter Carly up for adoption. "She has nothing to do with it," Tyler says.

Catelynn calls her counselor to chat. She can't talk to her mom because she's in a bad mood.

Catelynn tells the counselor she feels like she's losing Tyler. He's sending her mean texts and saying Catelynn's presence disgusts him.

The counselor gives a vague response and says all this will eventually blow over.

Time to meet with the adoption agent and make Easter baskets for Carly. Tyler and Catelynn also get to see some new photos of their daughter. The adoption agent tells them to work through their problems.

On the ride home, Tyler says he'd never hurt somebody that he loves. Yeah, right. He doesn't even give Catelynn a hug when he drops her off. She asks when she'll see him again.

"I don't know," he says. Crying ensues.

Tyler has a heart-to-heart conversation with his mom and realizes all his issues are rooted in his shaky relationship with his dad. Tyler's realization? He's angry at the world.

He sends Catelynn a deeply emotional text: "Sry." All is forgiven?

Tyler and Catelynn meet in a park. Catelynn brings her phone records, but Tyler doesn't want them. Aww. Tyler even shreds the phone records and throws them in a body of water.

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