Big Brother 12 Episode 18: Rachel Reilly returns, Ragan Fox wins POV

After winning POV on Wednesday's episode of "Big Brother 12," Ragan Fox fought another battle: trading insults with recently evicted house guest Rachel Reilly.

Rachel returned to the house after HoH Brendon opened Pandora's Box. He thought they'd be reunited, but he was whisked away on a solo vacation while Rachel entertained/terrorized the house guests for 24 hours.

Ragan used the POV to save himself. For the replacement nominee, Brendon picked Matt. So for now, Matt and Lane are up for eviction.

However, Matt has a diamond veto power that he hasn't revealed to house guests. He'll presumably bring that out during Thursday's eviction show, which airs 8 p.m. on CBS.

Here's a full recap of Wednesday's show:


The episode kicks off with the house guests' reactions after Brandon's eviction nominations (Lane and Ragan). Brendon tells us he put Lane up simply as a pawn to ensure Ragan goes home. "You're not the one that I'm trying to send home," he tells Lane.

Brendon says if Ragan wins POV, then Matt or Britney will go home. Remember, nobody knows about Matt's diamond veto.

Yikes, a massive green robot enters the house and tells everybody to get up. It's "Zingbot 3000," who will host the POV competition. Matt and Britney don't compete.

Competitors wear robot getups during the contest. They must assemble puzzles while standing on a rotating platform. Kathy's approach? She says she's taking her time. Britney wisely quips to the camera, "because this isn't a race or anything."

Meanwhile, the Zingbot stands nearby and makes fun of them. Brendon and Ragan are neck and neck. Kathy falls off her balance beam and is eliminated.

Ragan wins POV.

He savors his victory and tells Matt and Britney he wants them to stay. Ragan gets emotional and tells Britney he thinks the world of her. He calls Matt a stand-up, amazing guy. Aww. Too emo for the Big Brother house.

During their pillow talk session, Enzo and Hayden seem to have doubts about Matt.

Brendon gets an offer to open Pandora's Box, which apparently contains a trip and a chance to see Rachel. He accepts.

The doorbell rings and suddenly Rachel is back. Britney's reaction? "I wanted to throw up all over myself." The crew has to deal with Rachel for 24 hours.

The Pandora's Box catch? Brendon is whisked away on a solo vacation while Rachel unleashes her fury on the house.

A Rachel-Ragan fight ensues almost immediately. "Count your friends in the house. Done already?" Ragan asks Rachel. He vows nobody in the house likes her.

Rachel asks if that's true. There's complete silence. Well, expect for useless Enzo, who claims he's friends with everybody, bro.

I'm on Team Ragan.

On vacation, Brendon learns Rachel is vacationing elsewhere. Ouch.

Rachel tries to taunt Ragan with some cookies. Bad idea. He hurls a chain of insults at her. Among my favorites:

"You're about as classy as your nasty hair extensions."

"The only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin."

"Talking to you is like talking to the most vile devil child in the world."

Rachel goes into the HoH room and writes Brendon a message in pretzels. She tells him to put Matt up for eviction. It also says she loves him. Kathy sees the message and tells Hayden and Enzo.

Brendon returns and is sad to hear he missed Rachel, of course. He has a heart-to-heart chat with Britney and she ensures him she won't put him up for eviction if she wins HoH. She swears it to him on her relationship.

Ragan talks to Brendon and tries to convince him to put Britney up instead of Matt.

Quick message from the Saboteur (Ragan), who says to get some sleep because there's an upcoming competition that could change the course of the game. He proceeds to wake them up throughout the night...and then says there isn't a competition after all.

Ragan uses the POV on himself and Brendon picks Matt as a replacement nominee.

Of course, Matt has the diamond POV, but hasn't told the house guests. So for now, Matt and Lane are up for eviction. That will change during Thursday's show.

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