Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 4: GTL, The Situation, Snooki in Miami

The Ledger-Enquirer is live blogging Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 4. Stay with us for a full review of the Aug. 19, 2010, episode:

The Jersey Shore gives us a quick recap of where the season currently is, which mainly focuses on Ronnie's strayings from Sweetheart.

The show begins in earnest. The boys are at a club and Ronnie is creeping around with several women. Snooki and JWoww decide to walk home. Snooki decides to call her boyfriend, who she hasn't talked to in two days. She gets him on the phone, but he angers her.

Snooki tells the other girls that he told her he was with other women, which leads Sweetheart to ask whether Ronnie is associating with other women. Snooki declines to tell her the truth. JWoww suggests Sweetheart stay single "for her own sanity."

JWoww and Snooki aren't sure what to do about telling Sweetheart the information they know, because they are friends with both her and Ronnie.

Back at Klutch, the hip Miami club. Ronnie is dancing with women, and Angelina is watching the whole thing. However, she doesn't feel like it's her place to tell Sweetheart.

Switch to the house: Snooki and JWoww are talking about Ronnie's secret. Snooki would expect her friends to tell her, and she feels bad.

It's 4 a.m., and Sweetheart is angered. JWoww suggests she not associate with Ronnie for safety reasons.

The phone rings. It's Snooki's boyfriend, Emilio. He admits that he spent quality time with another woman. Snooki has trouble believing it, Emilio emphasizes he truly did, Snooki tells him not to call her again, slams down the phone and starts screaming.

Commercial sign!!!

Cue to Snooki still screaming. The phone rings again, and it's Emilio once again. He may still be drunk, because he asks if JWoww's voice is, in fact, voicemail. He calls again, and JWoww pretends to be an answering service. She then insults him by calling him unemployed, questioning his cleanliness and then hangs up on him.

The girls then break a plate outside, and Snooki takes her aggression out on the camera.

Back at the club. The Situation is forced away from the ladies as he gets back in a cab. Upon their return, they see the broken plate and talk to Snooki. Sweetheart then starts yelling at Ronnie, though he is either sleeping or pretending to sleep. He makes a few noises, and calls her a mean name.

Sweetheart asks why he went to the club. Ronnie tries to explain, and Sweetheart tells him that it was a test. Ronnie does not like tests, and he says he won't hold back.

Sweetheart tells him she won't cry over him, that she's over him and that Ronnie should never speak with her again.

We are back at commercial sign!!!

The girls are at "Moshi Moshi," a sushi restaurant. The name of the restaurant is a reference to what Japanese people say when they answer the telephone.

Angelina is talking about what she saw at the club, and she denies that she saw Ronnie do anything. JWoww makes some type of excuse about what spicy mayo does to her, though it doesn't appear Sweetheart is buying any of it.

The Situation is making a special Sunday meal, noting their last meal was ruined by Snooki when she dropped the chicken on the floor.

However, there's been another spill in the kitchen and there's food covering the floor and part of the cabinet. Snooki almost takes Ronnie's eye out by opening a bottle of champagne. A whole Three Stoogies episode breaks out, but the crew has finally sat down to a dinner table and they're sharing a meal.

Angelina brings up Ronnie dancing with a blonde, and he gives her the obvious sign of "shut up, now."

After dinner, the women dress up for a game of questions. They put questions in a bowl and sit around. First question: Who's the king of IFF? Next: Who would you like to see kiss?

And then ... have you ever cheated? Ronnie at first says no, then changes to yes.

"Everyone's cheated before," he says.

The Situation notes that Sweetheart knows it, but just doesn't want to admit it to herself.

Out by the pool, The Situation says that it's only a matter of time until Sweetheart discovers his secret. Ronnie has a dilemma, The Situation says: he must give up his cookie in order to find another cookie.

Ronnie then goes inside for a couch cuddle with Sweetheart.

We have yet more commercial sign!!!

The boys are off to the gym. The Situation notes that many people are in shape, and that they must remain strong on their game. Meanwhile, the girls are on a walk, except for Sweetheart. JWoww, again, feels bad that they all know but the other girls stay silent.

The girls have sat down to eat, and JWoww lists off the numerous items Ronnie has ticked off his list. JWoww then says they need to send an anonymous e-mail to Sweetheart discussing all of Ronnie's wrongdoings.

They leave the restaurant and are back at the house. There appears to be some drinking, some preparation for more drinking.

"Who's on Ronnie Watch tonight?"

Ronnie and Sweetheart are now fighting over something only a couple should fight over. Finally, everyone is ready to hit the club.

The Situation points out that while at the club, Ronnie and Sweetheart continue their fight. Ronnie says he wants the relationship, but it's just not working for him. Sweetheart tells him he'll never find someone like her.

Sweetheart wants to leave, she's tired of fighting, she says she's worn out. She says she was having fun, and she can't continue dealing with Ronnie's situation, lowercase.

Everyone's left, and Ronnie's by himself. Sweetheart decides she must tell Ronnie that she's leaving. She and the other girls are walking back to the club, supposedly to see if he's all right.

They spot Ronnie walking and then getting into a cab. Sweetheart tries to open the door, but Ronnie tells the cabbie to drive. Sweetheart then walks off, and Ronnie appears drunk while in the back of the cab.

This ... is ... another ... commercial ... sign!!!

Ronnie is getting aggro in his dealings with Sweetheart. She says that after he left her standing in the street, she's done.

The crew is in another club. Ronnie, however, is out of the cab and into the same club. Sweetheart wonders why he's there. The alcohol may be playing some role in his actions. He tells Sweetheart that he hates her, because he loves her. He tells her he doesn't need her while he's falling over himself.

Sweetheart tells him she'll care for him. She gets him back to the house, and notes that she's never seen anyone that drunk. Ronnie, meanwhile, has passed out.

The girls return to the home and Sweetheart immediately goes to Snooki, asking what she should do. Snooki doesn't want to be in the middle of it anymore, and JWoww reminds the viewer that there's a letter coming soon.

Could be the second to last commercial sign!!!

Ronnie is up, searching for the bathroom and making the worst noise you can make in a college situation, lowercase. He has no concept of what's occurred, though he's thankful he woke up ... in his own bed. He's cuddling with Sweetheart again on the couch, and she tells him she's never seen anyone like that.

They confirm their strong feelings of love for one another, and Ronnie points out they constantly break up, make up, wash, rinse and repeat.

A quick segue into their "jobs" at the confection shop. Vinny is trying to convince women who enter the shop to like him and spend time with him. Pauly D jumps into the action, making less-than-coy references to special relations.

The sun sets, and we see the girls walking to a cyber cafe, where they start to compose the anonymous message to Sweetheart. They get explicit, but not as explicit as they typically are, so Sweetheart hopefully won't know it's them.

Sweetheart needs to get out of the house, so as a last resort, she decides to associate with Angelina. In reality, she's trying to pump Angelina for information about Ronnie. Angelina feels pressured, and is upset that Sweetheart is pushing her for gossip about Ronnie.

Snooki and JWoww leave the cyber cafe, and discuss how they'll now wait for the e-mail to reach Sweetheart. Then, the fallout.

But until then, we have our last commercial sign!!!

Ronnie and The Situation discuss their laundry, and discover the laundromat is closed for the day. JWoww and Snooki return to the home after sending their e-mail. The girls realize they're the only ones in the house, though Sweetheart finds Vinny lying in bed.

Angelina confides to JWoww that Sweetheart was pumping her for information. JWoww is concerned that Angelina would have told Sweetheart that they knew.

Could Shakespeare have weaved such a web of deceit as the Jersey Shore?

Angelina reiterates that she doesn't want to be involved, but Snooki notes that everyone is involved. The show ends as Snooki makes a strongly worded statement about keeping Sweetheart in the dark about everyone's knowledge of Ronnie's indiscretions.

Come back next week!!!

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