Big Brother 12 Episode 21: Jessie Godderz returns, who won POV? Matt Hoffman? Brendon Villegas?

Brendon Villegas won the power of veto when "Big Brother 12" episode 21 aired Wednesday night on CBS. Head of Household Britney Haynes picked Matt Hoffman as his replacement nominee.

Two house guests will be sent home on Thursday's episode of "Big Brother," which airs 8 p.m. on CBS. Enzo Palumbo and Matt Hoffman will be up for eviction in the first ceremony.

Then, from what I understand, there will be the Head of Household competition and a separate eviction ceremony.

Here's a full recap of the show:


Wednesday's POV competition is set in a "Big Brother zoo," where contestants get POV points for accepting punishments. They lose POV points for accepting prizes. Ragan doesn't compete. The other contestants can't see who's accepting punishments and/or prizes.

Brendon wins after accepting punishments like shaving his head and agreeing to be handcuffed to another house guest for an extended period of time. He chooses Britney.

Enzo accepts some punishments, too, like dressing as a penguin. Sexy.

At the competition's conclusion, Britney gets mad at the losing house guests for accepting prizes. Members of the Brigade try to convince her that Matt accepted most of the prizes.

Lane approaches Britney and starts swaying her against Matt. He poses as her friend, but privately tells us, "My loyalty is straight with the Brigade."

Britney has a chance to open Pandora's Box. It offers her an hour of advice from a house guest from a previous season. She accepts, only to meet bodybuilder Jessie Godderz from "Big Brother 10" and "Big Brother 11." He gives her bodybuilding advice. The rest of the house guests get a luau, meanwhile.

Just when Britney's life couldn't get worse, the Brendon/Britney handcuff experiment begins. As part of the punishments he accepted, Brendon also has to periodically take chum baths.

Matt confronts Britney and subtly petitions to get Ragan on the chopping block. He encourages the rest of the Brigade to do so, but Hayden tells us they want Matt to be nominated.

Lane pushes for Matt's eviction again, and Britney says she'd kill Lane if she learned he was in a secret alliance. "Do you think I have the brain power to do that?" Lane asks.

Britney approaches Ragan and tells him some people want him to be nominated for eviction. He gets paranoid, but she promises she wants him to stay. Ragan asks Britney if Matt threw him under the bus. She says yes.

Brendon uses the POV on himself. Britney picks Matt as his replacement. She tells us she nominated him "simply because I don't trust him at all."

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