Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 1: Who got first place? Who was eliminated?

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 1 began in Gloucester, Mass. Eleven teams started the race that will touch four continents and take 32,000 miles before the race is over.

In the first episode of the season, Jill and Thomas, who are dating, came in first. Best friends Ron and Tony came in last and were eliminated.

The show begins on the coast in Gloucester. Lobster boats take the teams to the starting line on the Atlantic Ocean and the teams are introduced. Some noted contestants: Brook and Claire, who are home shopping hosts. Also, Connor and Jonathan, who sing A cappella and intend to do so for the various cab drivers they'll get throughout the race.

The teams stand listening to the race's basics: At the end of each leg, there's a Pit Stop. At many of them, the last team to arrive gets eliminated. The first team to check in gets a prize. At the end of this leg, the first team will get the Express Pass. The winning team can use it during a future challenge the team doesn't want to do, which enables them to skip it. The first clue awaits on top of their luggage. The signal is given, and the teams begin running to their luggage. They learn they must fly to London, where they'll go to Stonehenge.

The teams pile into waiting cars, and they head to the airport. Brook and Claire are currently in first place. Two planes wait for the teams, though the first plane - which will arrive 30 minutes before the second - only has space for three teams.

Connor and Jonathan discover they're on the wrong side of the city. Ron and Tony, best friends, find the airport and hop on a shuttle bus. The other teams start arriving at pre-flight parking. Ron and Tony reach check in, and are first to get their tickets. Chad and Stephanie, who are newly dating, then enter the airport, though they wander in a different direction. Katie and Rachel, beach volleyball players, are hunting for check in at the same time.

Chad and Stephanie are the last team on the first flight. Katie and Rachel are fourth place, meaning they won't get on the plane that arrives 30 minutes earlier. The other teams introduce themselves while the singers remain on the road and haven't found the airport yet.

Jill and Thomas, who are dating; Chad and Stephanie, also dating; and Ron and Tony, best friends, are on the first flight. The rest board the second flight. The first flight lands around 7 a.m. and the teams race to their cars. Jill and Thomas are in first place. Ron and Tony are in second place. Chad and Stephanie are in third.

Ron and Tony stop and get a map, plan their route and get back on the road.

The second flight then arrives, and the remaining teams run to the cars. Brook and Claire are in fourth place. Nat and Kat, doctors, are in fifth place. Nick and Vicki, dating, are in sixth place.

Ron and Tony, meanwhile, realize they're going the wrong way. Andie and Jenna, birth mom and daughter, have burned out the clutch in their car and can't move. The A cappella singers try to help, but quickly hop back in their car and keep going.

Andie and Jenna figure out that you've got to take your foot off the clutch, and they're back on the road.

Nat and Kat see a sign for Stonehenge and pull into the parking lot. In first place, they get a clue to Eastnor Castle, which they now must find.

Katie and Rachel have caught up to the first flight. Jill and Thomas are in second place. Brook and Claire are in fourth place.

Nat and Kat spot a gas station while Brook and Claire decide to follow them.

Ron and Tony, meanwhile, haven't seen a single sign for Stonehenge and don't know where they are.

Gary and Mallory are in fifth place and the singers are right with them.

Andie and Jenna are in seventh place. Nick and Vicki are in ninth place.

Jill and Thomas arrive at the castle first. Nat and Kat and the home shopping women are right behind them. Jill and Thomas get the clue first and discover what they must do: Climb the castle on a ladder as if they were invading it. Once atop the castle, they must grab a banner and cross a river to find a knight in shining armor.

Gary and Mallory hit a pot hole, pull into a gas station and quickly change their tire.

Brook and Claire have their banner and are running to a boat. Nat and Kat also get in the boat, which resembles a turtle shell on its back. The teams must stay in the boat, not sink or fall out and carry their banner as they pull themselves across the water on ropes above them.

Ron and Tony have finally made it to Stonehenge and are now searching for the castle.

Jill and Thomas, meanwhile, are slowly making their way across the water, as are Nat and Kat and Brook and Claire. Jill and Thomas make it first. Chad and Stephanie have made it to the boats, but they're having the same problems with staying afloat.

Jill and Thomas have now found a joust. They then find the knight whose banners and colors match the banner they carried with them. They must then use a ballista - a medieval weapon - to knock over a suit of armor. When they do, they get their next clue from a jester.

After riding with a knight, the teams begin their quest to knock over the suits of armor.

Jill and Thomas knock over the armor first and get their clue - find a camp on the grounds of Eastnor Castle and check in at the Pit Stop. They are first place and get the Express Pass.

Nat and Kat are in second place after knocking over the armor. They find the Pit Stop and are second place.

Brook and Claire have an accident while trying to lob a watermelon at the armor. It comes back and strikes her in the face.

Even after the watermelon incident, Brook and Claire knock over the knight and race toward the Pit Stop. Connor and Jonathan and Katie and Rachel run with them across a field in search of the Pit Stop.

Connor and Jonathan are third place. Brook and Claire are fourth place.

Katie and Rachel are fifth place. Chad and Stephanie have their clue to the Pit Stop, but Chad believes he knows where it is and the pair then get lost.

Gary and Mallory are sixth. Michael and Kevin are seventh. Chad and Stephanie are eighth. Andie and Jenna are ninth. Nick and Vicki are 10th.