Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 1 premiere: Which babies were switched at birth?

Sunday's season premiere of "Desperate Housewives" on ABC explained half of a baby-swapping mystery.

Last season ended with a hospital nurse revealing that years ago, two babies were accidentally switched at birth. On Sunday's show, we learned that Juanita Solis (Carlos and Gaby's daughter) is one of the affected children.

The other baby's identity remains a mystery.

In the episode's other major story line, creepy Paul Young returned to Wisteria Lane -- with a secret, of course. We met two of this season's major guest stars: Vanessa Williams as Lynette's college friend, and Brian Austin Green as Bree's new handyman and love interest.

Weigh in: What did you think of the premiere? Any predictions on the baby-swapping mystery? Here's a full recap of the show.


The show kicks off with Mary Alice's voice-over updating us on her husband, Paul Young. He's out of prison because authorities learned that Felicia Tilman framed him for her murder. Felicia Tilman is still alive.

Remember, Felicia's sister Martha was apparently blackmailing Paul's wife, Mary Alice -- who committed suicide. Felicia is convinced Paul murdered Martha in the suicide's aftermath.

Bottom line? Paul is back on Wisteria Lane. Everybody's shocked...especially Mrs. McCluskey, who spreads the news to the other residents.

Now, we're on to the baby swap issue. A hospital lawyer travels to Wisteria Lane to break the news to the affected parents.

But that's not the only thing that needs resolving. Bree confesses to Gaby that her son Andrew ran over Carlos' mother. Gaby is convinced Carlos will kill her.

With that, we get an update on Lynette, who's in her usual stressed-out mom mode. She gets a phone call and learns that her rich college friend/rival, Renee (Vanessa Williams) is coming to town. Lynette's mission? Convince Renee that she has the perfect suburban family. Renee -- who has a private jet -- takes up temporary residence with Lynette's family.

Lynette and Renee have a love/hate relationship. "The Lynette I knew never would have settled for this," Renee tells Lynette, eying her small home and disheveled appearance. Lynette is offended and asks Renee to leave.

Renee breaks some news. Her rich husband's leaving her for another woman. Lynette says Renee can stay with her as long as she'd like. "To show my appreciation, I would like to pay for your first face lift," Renee tells Lynette.

Susan, Mike and MJ move into an apartment. Money is tight, and they have to rent out their home to Paul Young. (Susan initially didn't know he was the renter.) Little MJ is a little dismayed about the apartment and asks his parents if they're poor. Short answer? Yes. Fortunately, Susan's landlord runs a website that features scantily clad women doing housework. Initially, Susan's disgusted.

But when her homemade jewelry venture fails and Mike considers taking a job in Alaska, she takes the website lady up on her offer -- without Mike's knowledge, of course.

Paul Young encounters the housewives. He invites them inside and complains how they didn't visit him in prison or attend his trial. Susan asks him why he wanted to come back to Wisteria Lane. "Why do you think? I miss my friends," he says.

The hospital lawyer arrives on Wisteria Lane and asks to speak with Carlos. Turns out Juanita Solis is part of the baby switch. The lawyer says they haven't found the other baby that was swapped. Carlos says he'll break the news to Gaby.

Carlos looks through photo albums with Juanita, who says she wish she would've met her grandmother. Gaby watches from a distance and wonders if she should share her secret. Later, Carlos watches Gaby say goodnight to Juanita. "If something happened to you, it would ruin my life," Gaby tells Juanita. This time, Carlos watches from a distance and wonders if he should share his secret.

In other couples news, Orson moves his stuff out of Bree's place. Remember, they're separating because Orson learned that Bree covered up Andrew's crime. Also, Orson is now dating his physical therapist.

Orson says Bree needs a project. "I think I need to sit quietly and think about what I'm going to do with my life," Bree says. Orson's response? "Whatever you do, I know it'll be spectacular." He rolls off into the distance in his wheelchair and Bree gets emotional. In the process, she notices a flaw in the home's wallpaper.

She goes a little crazy and tears all the wallpaper off the room. Orson calls later and she tells him she's found a project.

The repair work requires assistance from none other than Brian Austin Green, also known as Keith, the hot handyman. Wow, I wonder if all those tattoos are real. Either way, Bree is smitten.

Paul Young visits Felicia for a phone call in prison. "I will see you behind bars again or dead, whichever is easier," she says. "You know you did it." Paul Young drops the phone and mouths something that looks like "I did." Maybe.

Back on Wisteria Lane, Paul wants to buy his old house in addition to paying rent for his current residence. Apparently, he's been working on a certain plan for 10 years.

Carlos visits the hospital and threatens a lawsuit if they don't make the baby swap go away. Carlos concludes he can't tell Gaby. At the same time, Gaby tells Bree she can't tell Carlos the secret about Andrew.

"We must remember that the bad news that's delivered can sometimes be good news in disguise," Mary Alice says in the show's final voice-over. The show ends with Felicia in prison, telling her cellmate that Paul Young will be dead soon. See, he doesn't have friends on Wisteria Lane -- but Felicia does.

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