Sister Wives premiere on TLC: Show features Kody Brown, polygamy

Believe it or not, polygamy wasn't the most perplexing part of the "Sister Wives" premiere on TLC.

Taking its place? One cast member's refusal to use a toaster -- because she believes toasters annually kill more people than sharks.

"Sister Wives" is a new reality TV series that features polygamist Kody Brown and his three wives: Meri, Janelle and Christine. They live in Utah and collectively have 13 children. The major plot of Sunday's premiere was Kody's announcement that he's courting a fourth women who has three children. He wants to bring them into the family.

In interviews, Kody Brown has said faith drives his lifestyle. The Associated Press calls Kody a "fundamentalist Mormon," but notes Brown and the wives "said they are not members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."

If you missed Sunday's episode, we'll explain it through five questions.

Should I watch?

Sure, though the show has its share of odd moments -- for example, when we learned one of the wives has the official responsibility of pulling loose teeth out of the kids' mouths. But hey, it's classier than "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Right?

Is it legal?

Kody Brown is only legally married to his first wife.

Do the wives get jealous?

Sometimes. "I'm not going to lie, there are jealousy issues," Meri said on Sunday's premiere. "Jealousy is something that I want to overcome." That might get a little harder with the fourth woman's arrival.

Do the kids think it's weird?

Not exactly. Most of them met the news of a fourth wife enthusiastically. They've interacted with other polygamist families.

Do toasters really kill more people than sharks?

Wife Christine offered this assertion on Sunday's show. It could be true -- that is, if you believe a blog post titled "Stuff That Can Kill You."

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