Dancing with the Stars results: Michael Bolton sent home

Singer Michael Bolton and partner Chelsie Hightower were eliminated during week two of Season 11 of "Dancing with the Stars." The Grammy award winning singer and his professional dance partner received the lowest judges' points, 12, during the week-two performance show on Monday. Head judge Len Goodman said the routine needed "a pooper scooper" to clean up all the mistakes, and judge Bruno Tonioli said it was the worst jive ever to appear on the show. Len actually admonished Bruno for saying the dance was the "worst."

Michael was sad to go home. "I'm disappointed... Chelsie's been awesome," he said before giving kudos to the other celebrities and professional dancers in the competition. "You meet these wonderful people. Very warm... Very sincere... Gracious people." Will he miss them? Yes. "I've become attached to them," he said.

Chelsie enjoyed working with the singer. "Michael is such a genuine person, and it was, honestly, such an honor to work with you and such an honor to be with you this past month. And I really am so proud of you. I am." Michael kissed her on the cheek before the couple took the stage for their final dance.

Before the final results were revealed Micheal said: "I love my castmates... Last night I think Bruno was, you know, inappropriate and disrespectful. Other than that it was a phenomenal experience." As Michael spoke, judge Bruno Tonioli was shown slapping his wrist as a mock admonishment.

After week-two performances, viewers' votes were added to judges' points to declare the top scoring celebrity. The celebrity with the lowest combined point total was eliminated on Tuesday's results show. Judges' points account for half the total score.

Here's a recap of the week-two performance show:

Singer Michael Bolton's jive to "Hound Dog" with partner Chelsie Hightower needed a "pooper scooper" to clean up all the mistakes, according to "Dancing with the Stars" head judge Len Goodman. And that wasn't even the meanest comment given during the week two episode of Season 11. Judge Bruno Tonioli told the Grammy winning singer that his dance was the worst jive performed in any season of the show's existence. Ouch. Bolton received the lowest score of the evening with just 12 points.

Also wincing in pain, or the thought of it, after judges' scores were revealed was Tony Dovolani, partner to reality star Audrina Patridge. Tony promised to wax his legs if his routine failed to earn eight points from each judge. It fell one point shy. Thanks, again Bruno. Still, with 23 points, the couple earned the second highest score of the evening.

The show wasn't completely painful to watch. Jennifer Grey and partner Derek Hough landed at the top of the leader board for the second week in a row with 24 points. Their high-energy jive left them breathlessly laying on the floor while the judges offered positive comments.

Tied for third place were Disney star Kyle Massey and Alaska's Bristol Palin with 22 points each. NFL star Kurt Warner, singer Brandy and NBA star Rick Fox earned 21 points each. Actress Florence Henderson got 19 points and The Situation and comedian Margaret Cho each received 18.

NBA star Rick Fox and partner Cheryl Burke

Rehearsals: The foot injury that ended his basketball career plagued his jive during rehearsals but he powered through his performance. He said he followed the advice basketball legend Larry Bird gave him when he was a rookie "kid, pros play hurt."

Dance: Jive to "Tush"

Points: 21 out of 30

Len Goodman 7: "It was compact. It was fun. It was full of energy... You have become a contender here."

Bruno Tonioli 7: "This really is a feat."

Carrie Ann Inaba 7: "I thought it was really good... I thought last week you were better."

"Brady Bunch" actress Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas

During rehearsals: "I'm not here just to be the older comic relief," 76-year-old Florence said. "I'm here to dance."

Dance: Quickstep to "Suddenly I See"

Points: 19 out of 30

Bruno Tonioli 6: "At times you looked a little bit like 'Driving Miss. Daisy.'... It was lovely at times."

Carrie Ann Inaba 7: "I think this dance really suited you. You were light on your feet."

Len Goodman 6: "Your age has no bearing on how I feel... On that performance, I'll see you next week."

Singer Brandy and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Rehearsals: Brandy and Maks have been arguing so much while practicing that Brandy decided "I'm gonna need therapy after this show."

Dance: Jive to "Magic"

Points: 21 out of 30

Carrie Ann Inaba 7: "You are so cute to watch... but the energy was a little out of control."

Len Goodman 7: "Last week I thought you took a great step forward. This time you took a slight step back."

Bruno Tonioli 7: "O.K. from you is not good enough because I know you can be superb."

Singer Michael Bolton and partner Chelsie Hightower

Rehearsals: Michael said he had a lot on his plate and an illness made it difficult to practice as much as Chelsie wanted but "I don't quit," he promised.

Dance: Jive to "Hound Dog." Michael started in a dog house on stage while Chelsie held a plastic bone to lure him out of the house and onto the dance floor.

Points: 12

Len Goodman, 5: "It probably needed a pooper scooper... I think this was one of those dances that wasn't your cup of tea."

Bruno Tonioli, 3: "You should have kept the bone and gone back into the dog house... I think this is probably the worst jive in 11 seasons." Len interrupted Bruno and told him that he should keep that thought to himself.

Carrie Ann Inaba, 4: "It was very awkward."

"The Hills" reality star Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani

Rehearsals: Audrina complained that working so many hours in the dance studio was taking a toll on her relationships, especially the one with her boyfriend BMX racer Corey Bohan. Tony promised the hard work would pay off. He said if he and Audrina didn't get three 8s from the judges, he would wax his legs. It seems Tony's legs will be smooth soon.

Dance: Quickstep to "Love Machine"

Points: 23 out of 30

Bruno Tonioli, 7: "The show pony is turning into Secretariat." The famous race horse won the triple crown in 1973. A movie about the horse will be released Oct. 8.

Carrie Ann Inaba, 8: "I thought it was a fantastic performance."

Len Goodman, 8: "That was the best dance so far tonight."

"Dirty Dancing" actress Jennifer Grey and partner Derek Hough

Rehearsals: Jennifer showed the scar that has left her cancer-free but unable to move her neck as much as she would like for a high-energy jive.

Dance: Jive to "Shake it"

Points: 24 out of 30

Carrie Ann Inaba, 8: "Your energy never let up."

Len Goodman, 8: "There was nothing gray about that. It was bright. It was colorful. Full-on, fabulous job."

Bruno Tonioli, 8: "You nailed it. That was wicked."

Comedian Margaret Cho and partner Louis Van Amstel

Rehearsals: Margaret said her goal was to do better than last week when she earned only 15 points, which placed her at the bottom of the leader board and made her feel like a "loser."

Dance: Jive to "Dreaming"

Points: 18 out of 30

Len Goodman, 6: "It had a lot of life... better than last week"

Bruno Tonioli, 6: "You gotta keep it tight... sharp... when you relax... it changes everything."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 6: "Much better this week."

Disney star Kyle Massey and partner Lacey Schwimmer

Rehearsals: As part of his promise to get in better shape this season, Kyle vowed not to eat any fast food during the show. He wasn't loving the quickstep until Lacey added some youthful moves. Kyle told viewers to expect a sexy and hip quickstep. After the scores were revealed, Kyle admitted that he'd been sneaking pizza.

Dance: Quickstep to "I Want You To"

Points: 22 out of 30

Bruno Tonioli, 7: "As a performer, you are a powerhouse of boundless energy... In ballroom, you need more control."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 8: "Welcome to the new school of quickstep... You were on fire... I love watching you."

Len Goodman, 7: "You were flat-footed... Your left arm was flying up and down. It lacked any style... but I liked it."

NFL star Kurt Warner and partner Anna Trebunskaya

Rehearsals: Where Kurt's feelings hurt after head judge Len Goodman's harsh remarks last week? Nah. "I've been booed by thousands of people before so one old guy from England. I think I can handle that."

Dance: Jive to "Danger Zone"

Points: 21 out of 30

Carrie Ann Inaba, 7: "I loved it... You have great musicality."

Len Goodman, 7: "Last week, for me it was the outhouse. Tonight it's the penthouse."

Bruno Tonioli, 7: "This is a cool guy that does a cool jive."

Reality star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and partner Karina Smirnoff

Rehearsals: Mike said he was enjoying dancing and wanted to do well. Karina was having fun, too. "To be honest, I'm enjoying kicking Situation ass. I don't think a lot of girls get to do that."

Dance: Quickstep to "We No Speak Americano"

Points: 18 out of 30 points

Len Goodman, 6: "It was a series of unfortunate events...Better than last week."

Bruno Tonioli, 6: "I could tell you wanted to do it well so badly... You have to find the right balance."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 6: "You have to work on some musicality... You're not dancing with the music."

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas

Rehearsals: Bristol took Mark home to Alaska to practice. He meet Sarah Palin who admitted she was a huge fan of the show and said she was proud of Bristol's first-week performance.

Dance: Quickstep to "You Can't Hurry Love"

Points: 22 out of 30

Bruno Tonioli, 7: "There is a fresh nonshowbiz, unaffected quality about you that is so charming. Nevertheless... You have to become an actress. You have to get into a character... You can do it."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 7: "You remind me of one of my favorite dancers, Kelly Osbourne. There's something so beautiful about watching you. There's, like, this very vulnerable, endearing spirit."

Len Goodman, 8: "It's close. It's not quite there but it's very, very close. It's neat. It's precise.. Just wow us a bit more."

Eliminated week one:

Actor David Hasselhoff and partner Kym Johnson were the first couple to be eliminated from Season 11 of "Dancing with the Stars." The 58-year-old former "Baywatch" star and previous host of "America's Got Talent" said "I feel bad for Kym 'cause she worked so hard to try and get me where I was going. I'm just so proud that my daughters are here."

Recap of the week one performance show:

Judges awarded 24 out of 30 points to "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey, making her the week one leader but judges weren't sure she'd be the leader for long. Len Goodman said "This is a dance that really suited you... I'm waiting for next week to see how you can do a jive."

Earning the fewest judges' points — 15 — were The Situation, Margaret Cho and David Hasselhoff. Michael Bolton was slightly ahead with 16 points. Florence Henderson and Bristol Palin had 18 points each while Kurt Warner and Audrina Patridge received 19 each. Rick Fox got 22 points and Kyle Massey and Brandy received 23 points each.