Biggest Loser Season 10 results: Who was eliminated from Biggest Loser 2010 on Sept. 28?

Allie, a 22-year-old student, was eliminated from "The Biggest Loser" Season 10 Tuesday night. She was this season's youngest player and had a starting weight of 322 pounds. Here's a full recap of the show.


Where did we leave off? Hmm. Amid a cross-country effort to "pay it forward," 14 people advanced to the "Biggest Loser" campus. Get a full recap here.

We get some rapid-fire profiles as the contestants arrive at the "Biggest Loser" campus. Host Alison Sweeney greets the crew with announces a twist in the competition. Things are about to get 700 pounds bigger, she says. Pizza delivery? Not so much.

Two contestants who didn't make the cut will join the crew and get a second chance.

Who did trainers Bob and Jillian pick? Aaron and Elizabeth. Aaron is a father whose own father was an alcoholic. Elizabeth worked so hard during her athletic trial that she passed out.

Alison's first suggestion? Hit the gym. As in, right now.

The contestants are excited, but Jillian wants them to start working right away. They hit the treadmills at 7.0 incline. "You think you might know what goes on in this house, but you have no idea what we are going to expect out of you every single day," Bob says. Sweat, vomit and groans ensue.

Jillian is in full monster mode. Lisa, a 31-year-old sales representative, says the process is harder than natural childbirth. Tina, a 58-year-old grandmother, is so exhausted that she falls off her treadmill. Jillian has no pity. Rick, a 54-year-old physical therapist, gets lightheaded and somehow ends up on his back for 45 minutes.

Among my favorite Jillian lines? "Don't roll your eyes at me, girl. I will ruin your life in this place."

In the workout's aftermath, the gang meets with a doctor. Predictably, nobody has a pretty prognosis. At 31, Lisa has the health of a 62-year-old, thanks to her weight and smoking. At 27, Patrick has the arteries of a 65-year-old man.

Rick learns he has a pretty good chance of having a heart attack. To make matters worse, the doctor makes him break the news to his family over a webcam. Ouch. He's not the only one who has to do the family conversation.

Allie, a 22-year-old student, has a pretty massive body fat percentage -- despite having gastric bypass surgery at 14. She has to do the webcam thing, too.

Time for Bob and Jillian to talk to the gang about food. What do the contestants eat in their spare time? Uh-oh. Aaron's favorite sandwich is "The Terminator." The name should be self-explanatory. But things are about to change. We're in for a diet of fruit, grains and more.

Here's workout No. 2. Mark, a 30-year-old bartender, compares the process to medieval torture. More groans ensue. Rick has a new sense of confidence.

Brendan, a 32-year-old teacher, keeps asking if the workout is almost over.

Oh wow, a special delivery. One box goes to Aaron. It's his Terminator sandwich. His best reaction? "That's not snot. It's their special dressing." Some of the other guys also get their favorite calorie-packed food.

Brendan starts crying after seeing all the calories. He cries about breaking off his engagement because he didn't love himself.

Alison Sweeney arrives and says it's time for the first weigh-in. But there's a twist. The yellow line has moved. Half of the gang will be below the yellow line. That means eight people will be up for elimination.

After the weigh-in, these contestants are up for elimination: Sophia, Burgandy, Jessica, Allie, Patrick, Lisa, Elizabeth and Tina. Yikes, one guy and seven women.

Rick has the highest percentage of weight loss. He can save one player.

There's a challenge, but only the people up for elimination will compete. Patrick says he has it in the bag -- as long as the contest doesn't consist of people sitting around and sewing stuff.

At the contest, Rick announces he'll save Patrick. Rick tells us he wanted to stay loyal to somebody who's been a "tremendous motivator" to him.

It's a sprinting challenge. The first player to a flag is safe. We'll go through races until just two people remain. Then, the eight people originally above the yellow line will kick somebody out.

Sophia wins the first race.

The rest of the gang races again. Elizabeth wins and is safe. Then, we get a mini cat-fight when Burgandy claims Jessica cut her off.

Burgandy wins the third race. Lisa wins the fourth race. Jessica wins the final race.

So Allie and Tina are up for elimination. It's the oldest contestant against the youngest contestant.

While pleading her case to the other contestants, Allie cries and says she doesn't want to go home. Tina cries and says she needs to be at the "Biggest Loser" camp, too.

Decision time. Aaron votes to eliminate Tina. Brendan votes to eliminate Allie. Ada votes to eliminate Tina. Rick votes to eliminate Allie. Mark votes to eliminate Allie. Jesse votes to eliminate Allie. Frado votes to eliminate Allie.

Allie is eliminated from "The Biggest Loser." In her post-elimination interview, Allie says she's lost about 60 pounds since being eliminated from the show. Her mom wouldn't help her with her goal. She reached out to Danny Cahill, a previous "Biggest Loser" champ.

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