Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 10: Farrah Abraham, Kassy Underwood discuss baby's father who died

Tuesday's emotional episode of "Teen Mom" on MTV showed Farrah Abraham meeting with Kassy Underwood, the sister of her ex-boyfriend Derek who died in a car accident.

Kassy brought photos for Farrah's daughter, Sophia, who is presumably Derek's child.

Also on Tuesday's show, domestic violence between Amber and Gary reached a high. Amber slapped and punched Gary after he took their daughter Leah out of Amber's apartment.

In other news, Catelynn and Tyler learned they couldn't graduate from high school on time. Maci made a seemingly pleasant child custody agreement with her ex, Ryan -- no court intervention required.

Read our recap of the show, then click on the video that accompanies this page for a preview of next week's episode.



Maci adjusts to life in Nashville with her new man, Kyle. She's happy, but she realizes that her son Bentley misses his dad, Ryan. "I don't want to be Ryan's enemy," Maci vows. She doesn't want a long custody battle.

Maci comes home to Chattanooga and lets Ryan see Bentley. "I don't want to go to court, so can we settle this in mediation?" Maci asks Ryan. He hesitantly agrees, but says he'll call his lawyer if they have any problems.

While Ryan bonds with Bentley, Maci talks with her friend and says she never thought things would turn out this way.

Maci picks up Bentley and tries to make an arrangement with Ryan. Prior to the conversation, she gives a warning -- no name-calling. They actually have a mildly civil, yet awkward, conversation and seem to reach a decent agreement.


Farrah's still trying to get Social Security benefits since Derek, the father of her daughter, died. However, she needs Derek's sister, Kassy, to take a DNA test to prove Derek's paternity.

In last week's episode, Kassy skipped her appointment at the DNA test clinic.

Farrah meets with her lawyer, who calls Kassy. She answers the phone and says she had some concerns about how Farrah would use the Social Security money. But ultimately, she agrees to take the test.

When Farrah tells her parents she's connecting with Derek's family, they have reservations. Sounds like the families were never big fans of each other.

In other news, Farrah has a hard time studying for culinary school because of her daughter Sophia. Just as she's hitting the books, she gets a call from Kassy -- who says she wants to meet Farrah and give Sophia some stuff.

Farrah agrees, even though she hasn't seen Derek's family since before he passed away.

Time for the big meetup. Kassy brings her daughter, too. Kassy says Sophia looks just like Derek. "When he found out you were pregnant, he really did want to be there," Kassy says, adding that Derek cared about Farrah.

Kassy gives Sophia some photos of Derek. "I definitely wish he was here," Farrah says.

Finally, Kassy takes the DNA test and says she wants to hang out with Farrah and Sophia again. Farrah tells her mom about the meeting and cries on the phone. "God will make a place for you with somebody wonderful," her mom says.

Farrah meets up with her friend and gets emotional while discussing Sophia's father. "Accidents happen. People die," Farrah says between tears.


Amber and Gary have split up. Gary's mom has been watching their daughter, Leah. Gary makes Amber look bad by telling his mom that Amber doesn't have sheets on Leah's bed.

Amber screams at Gary, who tells her to lower her voice so nobody calls child protective services. Amber keeps screaming and threatens to hurt Gary. He leaves with Leah and says he's keeping her forever.

Man, this is getting sad. At least we get a PSA about domestic violence.

Gary takes Leah to his mom's house and Amber invites some friends over. Amber says she tripped out because Gary threatened to take her daughter away.

Amber prohibits Gary from staying at her apartment. Gary crashes with a friend. As Gary moves out his stuff, Amber screams at him. She slaps him and punches his face. Then, she slaps him again. "You are trash," she says. She seems to kick him as he leaves.

That's it, I'm officially on Team Gary. Cue the second domestic violence PSA.


Catelynn and Tyler consider their post-high school plans. Catelynn wants to become an ultrasound technician. Tyler scraps his Air Force plans and decides to become an EMT...then a psychiatrist. He's pretty baffled about the whole thing.

Their overall consensus? They both want to go to college and turn out better than their parents.

Unfortunately, they don't have enough credits to graduate from high school this year. It's mainly due to absences.

To make matters worse, Catelynn gets her grades in the mail. It's a C and a couple D's. "I don't want to be a loser and not graduate," Catelynn says. Her mom hangs her report card on the refrigerator. Perhaps that wasn't necessary.

Even though they're not graduating, Tyler and Catelynn attend the graduation ceremony. They agree they'll be really proud when they finally get their high school diplomas.