Survivor Nicaragua 2010 results: Jimmy Johnson kicked off Survivor on Sept. 29

Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson was eliminated from "Survivor Nicaragua" Wednesday night. Johnson, 67, didn't vote for himself -- but all the other players on his tribe voted to send him home.

It marked the second tribal council for the older tribe. The younger tribe has had one tribal council.

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Here's a full recap of Wednesday's episode.


Where did we leave off? Shannon Elkins was the first player eliminated from the younger tribe. Get a full recap of last week's episode here.

The show kicks off with some footage of La Flor, the younger tribe, after tribal council. Everybody agrees they need to unite. Well, with one exception. NaOnka thinks everybody's being fake.

What's up with Espada, the older tribe? They find a couple monkeys and want to share the monkeys' food. It prompts Jimmy Johnson to make some cool monkey sounds.

"His soul is inspiring," Yve says while discussing Jimmy Johnson.

Marty isn't impressed. He wonders why the older tribe got stuck with a celebrity and thinks Jimmy Johnson is a threat. Remember, Marty and Jill found an immunity idol last week. They discuss possible options for it.

Back at La Flor, Fabio is being his usual spacey self. He calls everybody "bro" and tells us he wants to be kept around for more than his sense of humor.

NaOnka won't join his fan club. She hates his hair.

Let's check out an Espada tribe meeting. Marty reveals the immunity idol to the rest of the tribe. It wins him a couple integrity points. But as Marty tells us privately, the idol can only belong to one person -- and that's him.

Dan worries his teammates think he's a weak link. He's physically struggling.

At La Flor, Alina and Kelly B. could be in danger because of their previous ties with ousted player Shannon.

Challenge time. Players have to collect barrels, stack the barrels and throw sandbags on top of the barrels. They're playing for a reward: a "Survivor" garden. "Whatever you're already eating, this will certainly improve the taste," Jeff Probst says.

Since the younger tribe chooses not to use the medallion of power, they don't get an advantage in the challenge.

Still, the younger tribe pulls ahead quickly while Dan seems to hold back the older tribe. Once they get to throwing the sandbags, Tyrone pulls the older tribe ahead. He's so awesome. I love that guy.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon. Tyrone loses his steam as Benry gives the younger team a sizable lead. He dominates the challenge. Jimmy Johnson pulls Tyrone out and puts Jimmy T. in his place. It's not enough. The younger players win.

Espada loses and must go to tribal council.

At La Flor, NaOnka and amputee Kelly B. get into a major girl fight over a piece of paper that's inside the fruit basket. NaOnka pushes Kelly B. out of the way and grabs it.

NaOnka says she'd do it all over again. "Hopefully I'll push you so hard that damn leg will fall off," she tells us in a private interview. "I got hood. I didn't get ghetto." Um, sure.

NaOnka and Brenda discuss the piece of paper, which is presumably a clue.

Tribe members at Espada are dejected about losing the challenge. Jimmy T. maintains his talents are being wasted. Marty wants to eliminate Jimmy Johnson "so that everybody will lose their daddy." Marty argues his case to Jill, who would prefer to eliminate Dan.

Dan is totally in favor of eliminating Jimmy Johnson, of course.

Jimmy knows he's in trouble. "I want to keep playing the game. It's the toughest thing I've ever gone through," he tells us. Tyrone recognizes Jimmy Johnson's power as a motivator.

Tribal council time. Once again, Jimmy T. says he's being underutilized. Holly says Jimmy Johnson has stepped up as a leader. Jimmy T. isn't thrilled by her response.

Jimmy Johnson says he's not threatened by Jimmy T. Jill and Jane acknowledge Dan has had some physical problems.

Jimmy T. says they have three or four weak players, but he doesn't give names. Jimmy Johnson is the only one who admits to thinking he's a weak player.

Decision time. Jimmy Johnson is easily eliminated from "Survivor." I'm pretty sure everybody except Jimmy Johnson voted to kick off Jimmy Johnson. He voted for Dan.