Murder verdict: Patrick Satterfield and Christopher Young convicted in death of Richard Boynton Jr., 78

Jurors convicted Patrick Satterfield, 21, and Christopher Young, 25, of murder today in the December 2008 shooting death of Richard Boynton Jr., 78.

The men were convicted of felony murder, burglary, armed robbery and a weapons charge after some four hours of deliberations. Jurors found the men not guilty of malice murder.

Both were sentenced to life plus five years in prison.

“We appreciate the jury’s verdict,” said Assistant District Attorney David Helmick. “We think they made the right decision. We’re just glad to bring justice to the family in this case.”

Authorities say police were called to check on an open door at Boynton’s Burnside Drive home on Dec. 5, 2008, and found him fatally shot in the chest. Witnesses said the home appeared to have been burglarized.