Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 10: Get ready for the GTL

The Ledger-Enquirer is live blogging Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 10. Follow the antics of Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D and the rest:

A quick recap: Angelina and The Situation are having some issues. The Situation notes that the crew have given Angelina many chances, and he's reached a breaking point.

Ronnie returns home and sees The Situation sitting still, realizing that something is wrong. He tells Ronnie that Angelina hit him in the face.

Pauly D tells a male friend of Angelina who's in the house to leave. He hands over his number, fake or not, and leaves.

Angelina then heads outside, and Vinny wonders why the women are throwing punches. Vinny points out that everyone has gotten into arguments with Angelina, and there's a reason for it.

Pauly D says that Angelina brings her problems on herself. Meanwhile, Angelina calls The Situation "psycho."

Pauly D notes that only men bring guys home and questions why Angelina would bring so many guys home.

Angelina says if anyone touches her, she'll punch them. The guys are discussing balling up her clothes and putting them by the street.

Angelina tells the camera that she misses her dog, her mom and her life. These people, she points out, aren't her friends.

The Situation tells JWoww and her boyfriend about how Angelina struck him. JWoww disbelieves a little, but The Situation says he's telling the truth. He declares that she only hit him because she knows The Situation won't hit back.

JWoww, however, feels like Angelina has earned her spot in the house.

Angelina is venting to JWoww, saying she's been through much mental abuse. JWoww, however, tells her to stick it out and they hug.

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Back at the house, The Situation suggests the guys get dressed. Angelina is upset that her visiting friend walked into much drama.

The guys let each other know that it's almost "T-shirt time." Singing is involved.

The Situation makes a call to get a cab and once again the viewer is wowed by the running gag that he gives his name as "Situation."

The Situation then discusses his latest flame, the woman who left her number on the house front door, and made his day much brighter.

He and his lady friend then retire to the bedroom, and The Situation picks out sleeping clothes for her.

The crew is preparing to go to Klutch, another of their frequent hangouts. Angelina has Jose, a guy she met at a club, and she has a shouted, close-to-the-ear conversation about the situation with The Situation.

Shots of the crew acting pure Jersey Shore. The Situation starts showing off his abs, and Samantha, his lady friend, confronts the woman touching The Situation.

The Situation realizes that he is accompanied by a woman and that they should return to the house. They get in his bed while the other members of the crew listen to their conversation. There is much amusement over the pair's discussion.

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The Situation explains how much he likes Canadian women. Then The Situation, who was in a common room that night, finds Angelina in his bed, which angers him.

Moving on: The guys are preparing some breakfast, then Vinny and Pauly D are trying to get some information out of Samantha, who declines to discuss her conversation. The guys fear that The Situation won't call her again.

The Situation lets Angelina know that he's upset because she slept in her bed. Things move on.

Angelina's friend has to leave, and they hug and say goodbye. Angelina fears that no one else in the house is truly her friend.

Back to The Situation being very upset about Angelina sleeping in her bed, and JWoww notes that her action only gave The Situation ammunition. The scene moves into another confrontation with Angelina and The Situation. They exchange some bad names with each other.

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A quick recap of The Situation and Angelina's argument. JWoww is somewhat on Angelina's side, and Angelina lets everyone know that she will stand up for herself and if someone has a problem with her, she will fight them.

The Situation tells viewers Angelina's issues, which include her inability to cooperate.

Next scene: Pauly D is knocking on doors, waking up the crew. The boys have some GTL to do, and they hop in the black SUV. There's an odd smell in the vehicle, and Ronnie feels he may be sick.

Pauly D discovers a cheese sandwich with bacon which is likely causing the smell.

Back at the house, Angelina is trying to pump info out of JWoww whether anyone was discussing her.

Our first glimpse of Snooki after this commercial break!!!

Snooki is at the confection shop, making a checklist of qualities she wants in men. She wants a guido, a juicehead, someone with her personality. She would rather not go on match.com again.

JWoww's beau is leaving. He tells her he loves her, and she points out that she will miss him.

Snooki returns home and shows her checklist: big sense of humor, likes to party, a dork at heart, likes pickles, takes interest in my hobbies, not so serious, likes to sleep in.

Snooki says they must find this man by going to the gym every day. Every. Day.

The Situation is back at the home, and JWoww says that Angelina may leave. Pauly D is completely fine with that.

Cue the girls quietly discussing the possibility of Angelina leaving.

The plan: Dinner around 10 p.m. and Tantra at midnight. Angelina has her purse and she heads into her room. Angelina isn't sure what to do. Should she leave? Again?

The Situation tries to make nice with Angelina and invites her to dinner and the club. Angelina tells the crew that she needs to decide what to do. The insults then come out, Angelina first: I could stay with people who don't like me, etc.

The Situation then unloads, letting her know that he and no one else likes her.

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The crew is getting ready for a night out. Angelina is cuddled up in her bed, and The Situation points out that people aren't going to ask her to come. She should just come with them, if she wants.

When Angelina isn't with the crew, the energy is much more positive, The Situation says.

Pauly D makes a friend with a woman very quickly, and he wants to spend more time with her. Snooki reminds the viewer of her checklist, so she compromises with Alex.

"As long as you're built and you have some sort of tan to you, I'll give you a try."

Vinny lets the viewer know that Alex is one of Angelina's former beau's.

Back at the house: Angelina has decided to leave, and she's packing up her stuff. But she wants to say goodbye to everyone, and let them know she's not leaving because of them. It's because of herself. Or something like that.

The crew returns home and we are back to ...

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Cue the drama. Snooki and crew arrives and Alex is there. Angelina asks if Alex is now with Snooki, and she starts asking whether he kissed her. Angelina reiterates that everyone is fake, he tells Angelina that she should have come to the club.

Now Snooki is angry with Alex, and she doesn't want him near her. The pair then begin arguing concerning their mutual friendships with men. The anger rises, Angelina says she doesn't care for anyone in the house, she can't stand anyone in the house, Snooki takes off her earings and begins fighting Angelina. They're kicking on the couch, and The Situation moves the table so it isn't damaged.

The rest of the crew watch from a safe distance as the women fight.

And now Angelina is on her feet and attacking Snooki. Pauly D asks if there will be a knockout or will it come to a decision.

Angelina now has her belongings and is telling Ronnie and Sweetheart she thought they were her best friends. Angelina said she expected someone to ask her to stay, and is disappointed no one is.

Angelina continues to throw insults as she takes her luggage and walks out the door. She gets in a cab while JWoww explains how Angelina should have acted.

Angelina's cab pulls away, and Pauly D shows Vinny the amount of space now available.

We've got some closing credits rolling and ...

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