Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 2: Read our recap, watch Grey's Anatomy online for free

The "Grey's Anatomy" crew continued to feel the effects of last season's Seattle Grace shooting during this week's episode.

Cristina attempted to return to the operating room, but ended up on the floor experiencing flashbacks of the gunman.

Meredith finally told McDreamy about the miscarriage she suffered in the season finale. And McSteamy was close to professing his love for Lexie -- until she asked him to leave her alone.

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Where did we leave off? Cristina and Owen got married, Callie and Arizona decided to shack up and McDreamy went to jail. Get a full recap here.

As the show kicks off, Meredith cries to the trauma counselor in hopes of being cleared to return to surgery. He refuses.

Cristina, meanwhile, panics when she wakes up and realizes she and Owen actually got married. He consoles her with a multi-grain bar.

Lexie is obviously still affected by the shooting, as she continues to recite facts about death while at work. She also shares romantic tension with McSteamy, who secretly tells Callie he wants to propose to Lexie. Callie doesn't encourage the idea.

McDreamy is fresh off his night in jail, a result of Meredith's refusal to bail him out after his reckless driving reached a new high. Meredith still hasn't told him about her miscarriage.

Callie and Arizona prepare to move in together. Arizona wants Callie's place to get a little more "smiley." She presents Callie with a variety of wallpaper hues, all of which are shades of beige.

What's up with Karev? Well, he still has a bullet in his chest. That doesn't make Bailey happy. On another random note, Teddy is still dating the trauma counselor.

Oh, wait. There's a patient. A woman needs an aggressive heart procedure. Owen and Teddy ask Chief Webber to clear Cristina so she can assist with the procedure. He's hesitant at first, but agrees.

Cristina meets with the patient and her husband, and it turns out they remember her from the days when she was engaged to Burke. In front of Owen, they ask about her wedding -- you know, the non-existent wedding with Burke. Awkward.

Cue the catastrophe. A major lightning strike sends eight flag football players to the hospital. The story line? A bunch of the male victims fall in love with sole female player, Carrie. But she only wants to know about a guy named Warren. The guys rush into Carrie's hospital room and talk over each other while professing their love.

Carrie tells everybody to shut up. She only wants Warren to talk.

When he starts to speak, he chokes up a bunch of blood and collapses. He has a bowel problem and needs surgery. Lexie begs to aid in the operation, but McSteamy encourages Bailey to pick somebody else. He's worried about Lexie. Bailey chooses April Kepner.

Just as McDreamy is about to take Chief on a 120-mph joyride, Lexie rushes in and says she needs to tell McDreamy something about Carrie. Everybody assumes Lexie is just being crazy, but she's actually right. She correctly diagnoses Carrie's condition.

Once Lexie and McDreamy leave Carrie, she tells McSteamy she regrets never sharing her true feelings with Warren. Of course, this makes McSteamy decide it's time to profess his love to Lexie.

He shares the idea with Callie, who once again isn't thrilled. She cautions him against proposing. "If I can have a part in making her happy again, that's all I want to do. That's all I want to do for the rest of my life," McSteamy says. With that, Callie tells him to go for it -- carefully.

While operating on Warren, Bailey makes Karev stand in the background and do nothing because of the whole bullet situation. Later, Karev complains to Meredith about all his failed romantic relationships.

Let's check in on the rare heart procedure. Amid the stress, Cristina goes into shock and ends up on the floor. Everybody continues operating and they tell Cristina to get up. She refuses. Meredith runs into the OR and gets on the floor beside Cristina."I can't feel anything," Cristina says.

Meredith holds Cristina's hand and stays beside her. The operation turns out OK, but Cristina's a wreck. She tells Owen she wasn't ready to return to surgery. "I can't be in there and if I can't be in there, I don't know where I'm supposed to be," she tells Owen. He's left holding their wedding ring.

In the incident's aftermath, Meredith tells Derek she left him in jail because it was the only way she knew he'd stay safe. Then, she drops the big news: "I was pregnant and I lost it," she says. "If you want to help me, your driving is something you can control. Just do that."

Once Warren gets out of the operating room, he goes into Carrie's hospital room. He's on a wheelchair and she's on a hospital bed. "I love you. I've been in love with you forever," Carrie tells Warren. Elated, he gets wheeled closer to Carrie.

Bailey asks Karev to come into surgery. The twist? He's the patient. That's right: Bailey finally removes his bullet. She says she doesn't need a reminder of the shooting.

Cue the emotional overload. We're down to the show's last 10 minutes.

Teddy's due for some air time, so we see her getting ready for a date with the trauma counselor. She worries he's becoming more of her therapist than her boyfriend. "Listening to you is not work," he promises. She changes the subject when he asks if she knew somebody went over his head and cleared Cristina to return to surgery.

McSteamy approaches Lexie, all ready to profess his emotions. However, she immediately criticizes him for treating her like a basket case. "Can you just leave me alone?" she asks. He agrees and she walks away. I'm crushed.

After her operating room drama, Cristina ends up at Meredith and McDreamy's place. Meredith tells her that marriage means being together during good and bad times. Then, Owen storms in and gives an emotional speech.

"I'm not going anywhere, Cristina. I'm not going anywhere without you," he says. They leave together.

In the show's final moments, Meredith talks to the trauma counselor. She admits she lost a baby and almost lost McDreamy and Cristina during the shooting.

"I have no control over any of it. I'm giving up," Meredith says.

With that, the trauma counselor clears her to return to surgery.