The Amazing Race 2010: Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 2 - who was eliminated?

In the Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 2, home shopping saleswomen Brook and Claire are first place. Birth mom and daughter Jenna and Andie were last place and were eliminated.

The episode begins at Eastnor Castle, where the first leg of the race ended. Jill and Thomas, who got first place, are first to discover that they must make their way to Accra, Ghana, and find Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, where their next clue will be.

Nat and Kat are the next pair to hop in a car and head to the airport. The singing duo are next and Brook and Claire follow, as do Katie and Rachel. Everyone eventually gets in a car and heads to the plane. The teams get to Heathrow Airport, where they realize they'll all be on the same flight.

The flight to Ghana takes six hours, and the teams rush out of the airport looking for taxis. Along the way, beggars ask the teams for money as they sit in the car. The singing duo's response? "I feel scared" before they sing to the driver, "Please drive faster."

Brook and Claire make it to the park first, where they learn they must go to Makola Market. Andie and Jenna are in last place.

Nick and Vicki find the next clue first. Teams must compete among several other vendors, selling $10 worth of sunglasses. Gary and Mallory, meanwhile, are having car trouble.

Brook and Claire, the home shopping duo, appear to be selling their sunglasses the best. Thomas is yelling to Jill, who's trying to sell some sunglasses. The woman she's spent a lot of time on, though, doesn't have any money.

Gary and Mallory finally arrive and she starts selling.

Brook and Claire are the first to sell their sunglasses, and the next clue leads them to the June 4th Peace Motor Spare Parts.

Michael and Kevin are second. Chad and Stephanie are fourth. Katie and Rachel are sixth.

Brook and Claire make it to the store first and find their detour: Tune In, where they get a television antennae system and then install it to the owner's specifications. In Check Out, they must go to a woodworking shop. They choose a coffin and deliver it to the right spot, where they then will get their next clue.

Brook and Claire decide to go for the antennae installation. Chad and Stephanie are in second place and they also go for the antennae.

Katie and Rachel are in third place and they go for Check Out. The coffins are shaped like animals, one is a piano. They choose the piano, and they start pushing it to its destination.

Nat and Kat finally sell their last set of sunglasses. The are in last place.

Brook and Claire are the first to complete their task. They get the next clue, which directs them to this leg's Pit Stop: Kaneshie Market. Once they arrive, they'll have to find Phil in a crowded market atop a crowded bridge.

Brook and Claire arrive at the market and start running in search of Phil. Katie and Rachel are close on their heels, though Claire and Brook are first at the Pit Stop. They receive a 10-day trip to Hawaii.

Katie and Rachel get second place at the Pit Stop. Michael and Kevin are third place. Chad and Stephanie are fourth place. Jill and Thomas are fifth.

Connor and Jonathan are sixth. Nat and Kat are seventh. Nick and Vicki are eighth. Gary and Mallory are ninth.

Andie and Jenna are in last place, and they are eliminated from the Amazing Race.