Columbus courts: Zyderrious Platt, 32, indicted on murder, feticide charges

Zyderrious Platt, accused in the slayings of his wife and her unborn child, was indicted Tuesday by a Muscogee County grand jury, records state.

Platt, 32, faces charges in connection with the October 2009 death of Jilani Platt, 26, who was found about 300 feet north of Cargo Drive after Zyderrious Platt led police to the spot, a detective testified in Columbus Recorder’s Court.

Detective Vincent Sampson testified that police interviewed Zyderrious Platt several times after she failed to show up at an Oct. 3, 2009, football game. Zyderrious Platt didn’t tell police that he’d argued with his wife about rent until two days later.

According to Sampson’s testimony, Zyderrious Platt choked his wife at the top of the stairs in their home until she was unconscious. He left, returning later to find her at the bottom of the stairs.

Thinking her dead, he took the woman in an SUV to Cargo Drive. He then fired two shots, the second of which struck his wife in her head, Sampson said.

Zyderrious Platt was indicted on charges of murder, feticide, aggravated assault and weapons charges.