Biggest Loser 2010 results: Anna Kournikova shows up, who was kicked off Biggest Loser Oct. 5?

Tina, a 58-year-old grandmother from Oregon, was eliminated from "The Biggest Loser" Tuesday night. She sealed her fate by voicing a decision to quit early in the episode. Tina's starting weight was 263 pounds.

Here's a full recap of the show:


The third episode of "The Biggest Loser" is here. Where did we leave off? When Allie and Tina entered the bottom two, Allie went home. Read a full recap here.

As the show starts, everybody's devastated about Allie's elimination. There are rumors that Tina wants to quit.

She holds a group meeting and immediately starts crying. "I'm going to ask to go home today," Tina says.

The announcement doesn't go over well. The other competitors accuse her of being selfish.

Tina tries to sway the group by telling them that prior to coming to the campus, she pulled $16,000 out of her 401K for a family vacation. She's upset that she can't go on the vacation. Um, seriously?

Think things can't get any worse? You're wrong. Now, Lisa says she wants to go home. You know, so she can help Allie lose weight. Because that totally makes sense.

Luckily, Bob is in the house to resolve this. Tina immediately starts crying.

Bob's reaction? "What?!?" He fires up a quick pep talk and tells us the first elimination always makes people crazy.

Time to hit the gym with Bob. It's the usual mix of groaning, vomiting and sweating. Frado makes some especially interesting animal noises. Jesse takes some heat for talking back to Bob. "I'm here to help you and I deserve respect from you," Bob says. Jesse vows he respects Bob.

Post-workout, Bob has a quick pep talk with Tina and tells her not to leave. She's back in the saddle.

Things aren't as warm and fuzzy with Jillian, who criticizes the women for being below the line. She tells them they're being too "kumbaya." She wants them to enter warrior mode.

Time to meet with host Alison Sweeney, who tells the gang they're playing tennis with Anna Kournikova! She bosses them around while the guys rave about her hotness. Jesse is in a significantly better mood than what we saw during his session with Bob.

Challenge time. The gang competes for immunity. They have to fill other contestants' cylinders with tennis balls. When somebody's cylinder is filled up, they're not eligible for immunity. Tina's cylinder gets filled first.

Frado wins immunity and makes his token animal sound. Brendan, Frado and Patrick seem to have an alliance.

Time for a weigh-in. Things are especially rough for Burgandy, who only loses 1 pound.

Burgandy, Elizabeth, Aaron, Tina, Lisa, Sophia and Brendan are up for elimination.

Adam posted the highest weight loss and can save one player. Burgandy vents to him privately and says she's frustrated. She even pulls out the tears.

Bob meets with Tina and does a quick product plug for Yoplait smoothies. After that, the gang hits the gym again. Jillian bosses the guys around and calls Patrick "sweetheart." Aaron pulls out some late-night workouts in an effort to get back in the game...and impress Adam.

Challenge time. Adam saves Aaron.

To escape elimination, contestants have to dig for rings in 175 tons of sand. Elizabeth finds the first ring.

After the challenge wraps up, Lisa and Tina are up for elimination.

While pleading her case, Lisa says she's finally in the game. Brendan tells us privately that he doesn't buy it. Tina says she doesn't want the gang to think she's a quitter.

Unsurprisingly, the contestants unanimously vote to eliminate Tina.

In her post-show interview, we learn Tina now weighs 205 pounds. She started at 263 pounds. She and her daughter are trying to lose weight together.

By the finale, they hope to lose 200 pounds together.