Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 11: Are Maci and Kyle still together?

Maci and her new boyfriend Kyle broke up on Tuesday's episode of "Teen Mom" on MTV.

When one relationship ends, another begins. Amber met an eligible bachelor at Walmart and went on a date, despite Gary's chain of apologies.

Also on the show, Farrah and her mom mended their relationship. Catelynn and Tyler prepared to see their daughter Carly after giving her up for adoption a year ago.

Here's a full recap of the show:



Maci and Kyle are enjoying romantic bliss. Maci tells her friend that she'd say "yes" if Kyle asked her to marry him.

It's time to potty train Maci's son, Bentley. Kyle isn't thrilled about the process. In fact, he falls asleep.

Maci takes the summer off work and ends up really bored. She feels like she became less important on Kyle's priority list after moving closer to him.

Maci thinks it's time for a talk. Kyle says the whole thing is too much too soon. "It's kind of a headache sometimes," he says. Ouch.

"If it's done, it's done," Maci says. "Because I have a child that needs to have stability."

They decide to break up. Wow, what a disaster.

"The person I want to marry just walked out the door," Maci tells her friends. Her friends are shocked about the breakup. Maci worries about explaining the situation to Bentley. She doesn't want to move back home.


Farrah gets the results of the paternity test and learns Derek, who passed away, is definitely the father of her daughter Sophia. Well, the test is 99 percent accurate. That means Sophia can finally get her Social Security benefits.

Farrah meets with Derek's sister, Kassy, and tells her the news. "I loved your brother. I hope Sophia will just understand how much I cared," Farrah says.

She starts crying while telling Kassy that she doesn't want to date and replace Derek. Kassy promises that Farrah was Derek's only love. Kassy says Derek would want Farrah to move on.

Farrah shares the paternity test results with her mom. She'll receive about $236 a month from Social Security. Farrah's mom isn't thrilled by her friendship with Kassy.

Farrah and her mom meet with the therapist. They say their relationship has improved. The only problem? Farrah's mom isn't helping her grieve over Derek's death. Her mom says Farrah's romanticizing the relationship. The therapist says she can still feel compassion toward Farrah.

Farrah's mom admits she didn't know Farrah still felt a connection to Derek. She apologizes.

Later, Farrah goes to a park and shows Sophia photos of Derek. How is it that Farrah ended up as my favorite character of the bunch?


Things are understandably awkward after Amber beat up Gary last week.

To add insult to injury, Amber meets a guy at Walmart and agrees to go on a date. Prior to what's bound to be a romantic night, Amber calls Gary and apologizes. He brings Leah over. "I can't keep going on with this relationship. I'm not happy. I also met somebody," Amber says.

Perhaps it's a bit too early to assume a Walmart relationship is the real deal. Either way, Gary is heartbroken. He wanted to give Amber flowers.

While Amber prepares for her date, Gary orders the flowers. Well, until Amber calls and asks him to watch Leah for a little while. When he says he's busy, Amber screams at him.

He still orders the flowers.

Gary cries in the car when he arrives to pick up Leah. I hate you, Amber. (Note: That was me, not Gary.)

Amber picks up her new guy, Chris. She asks what he was doing before they met. Apparently, he was on work release. As in, jail work release.

Chris is already bold enough to declare that meeting Amber was the best day of his life. They lock lips and rub noses. "Perfect," Chris says.

Amber's response? "Not quite."

Later, Amber receives the flowers from Gary. They come with a note from Gary apologizing for how he's treated Amber "reasently." That's his spelling error, not mine.

Gary comes over to talk and apologizes once again. He promises to not bother Amber about anything other than Leah. He asks if he can hug her. She refuses and reminds him once again of Walmart Guy. Leah cries when Gary leaves.


Catelynn and Tyler learn they'll get another meeting with Carly, the daughter they gave up for adoption.

Catelynn breaks the news to her mom, who yells at her for sharing it over the phone. Things don't get much better when they talk in person. Catelynn cries while sitting with Tyler in the car.

"My mom's been selfish her whole life," Catelynn says. "I hate it because I can't even, like, be comfortable in my own house."

Catelynn and Tyler prepare Carly's scrapbook. Tyler gets nervous about seeing Carly again. "I am too wound up to be doing this," he says of the scrapbook project.

Catelynn's mom has an apparent change of heart and gives Catelynn a gift for Carly. "It hurt my feelings that you gave up my granddaughter without discussing it with me," she says. "Don't tell me how to be a mom when you couldn't be one."

Catelynn's mom throws out a few more obscenities and leaves the room. Catelynn gives her a hug. "Even if you're mad at me, I still love you," she says.