Survivor 21 Episode 4 results recap: Jimmy T. kicked off Survivor Nicaragua Oct. 6

James "Jimmy T" Tarantino, a 48-year-old commercial fisherman from Massachusetts, was eliminated from "Survivor" when the show aired Wednesday on CBS.

He's the third player eliminated from the older tribe. The younger tribe has lost one player.

Weigh in: Did the right person go home? Read host Jeff Probst's blog here.

Here's a full recap of Wednesday's episode.


Another week of "Survivor" is here! Where did we leave off? In perhaps the biggest "Survivor" travesty EVER, former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson was eliminated. Get a full recap here.

This week's show kicks off with Espada, the older tribe. Jimmy T. says once again that Jimmy Johnson's leadership skills were overrated. "I'm not going to miss him too much," he says. He sings to the tribe and everybody looks like they're in extreme pain.

The older tribe is having some serious issues with food -- or lack thereof. Jimmy T. tries to fish with a net and accomplishes absolutely nothing.

What's up with La Flor, the younger tribe? Brenda and Naonka decipher the clue and find the hidden immunity idol. Naonka tells us privately that even though they found it together, she considers it hers.

Naonka continues to complain about Kelly B., who has an artificial leg. Remember, she pushed Kelly B. while fighting for the immunity idol clue last week. It seems like she'd do it again. "One shove, she's outta there," Naonka says.

Alina and Kelly B. have bonded, mainly over a shared hatred of Naonka. Without knowing that Brenda and Naonka found the idol, they go on a search.

Naonka tries to scare Alina and Kelly B. Apparently "scaring" means "yelling." Naonka bullies Kelly B. and tells us privately, "I really don't need no charity case on the jury...Screw your leg. Keep it away from the fire."

Let's check in with Espada. They try to find a new leader in Jimmy Johnson's absence. Marty tries to take control, but the discussion turns into Jimmy T. complaining that he's being underutilized.

After receiving a clue, the older tribe assumes the challenge will involve blindfolds. Jimmy T. attempts to take a leadership role. Marty concludes Jimmy T. suffers from paranoia.

Challenge time! One person from each tribe calls out instructions. The other members are handcuffed in pairs and blindfolded. The pairs have to collect items, as well as a treasure chest.

They're playing for rewards that include cool items from Sears. Yay for product placement! The younger tribe chooses to use the medallion of power, which gives them an advantage.

The younger tribe pretty much annihilates the older tribe. Brenda's the caller for La Flor, while Tyrone is the caller for Espada. Jimmy T. ignores Tyrone's instructions during the challenge, of course.

The younger tribe pretty much annihilates the older tribe. La Flor wins easily. For their reward, they select fishing gear, a tarp and cooking tools

Guess what Jimmy T. does after the challenge? He complains about being underutilized.

Members of La Flor celebrate their victory. Chase finds an immunity idol clue in a fishing box and only tells Brenda. They look for the idol together, and Brenda initially doesn't mention that she already found it.

Eventually, she changes her mind and tells Chase that Naonka has the idol. She tells him not to say anything to Naonka.

What's up with Espada? They're eating sea urchins. Jimmy T. accuses Marty of not being a team player. Marty tells us Jimmy T. just committed "Survivor" suicide.

But there's a movement to eliminate Dan, since Jimmy Johnson voted to eliminate him last week. Also, Dan is in really bad shape. He can't run in the mud.

Marty really pushes the tribe to vote against Jimmy T.

How does Jimmy T. react? Well, he reminds us he's being underutilized. "It's a tough group of people to get along with. And I'm easy to get along with...I think," Jimmy T. tells us.

Tribal Council time! Host Jeff Probst justifiably gives the older tribe a hard time for saying they did well in the challenge.

Jimmy T. gets emotional while discussing his desire to become the team leader. Despite that goal, he says he'll respect the team's wishes. "I'll step down and say I'll just be a worker bee for this tribe," Jimmy T. says.

It's not enough. Five people vote to eliminate Jimmy T., three vote to eliminate Dan.

Jimmy T. is eliminated from "Survivor."

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