Men to come together in prayer Oct. 23 at Lakebottom Park

"A Call to Prayer/Praying Down Crime" event is scheduled for 9-10:30 a.m. Oct. 23 at the band shell of Lakebottom Park.

Based on men-only Christian events like Promise Keepers, this one is for men.

Organized by Charles Lawhon, a member of Trinity Temple Assembly of God, the event will include prayers from local pastors for the following areas: local leaders; unity among the races; schools and educators; crime reduction; criminals and victims; and addicts.

Jonathan and Lisa Moore, a Christian music duo, will lead in worship.

Lawhon said he was moved to plan the event after a spate of shootings and killings in Columbus last month.

It will include people from many denominations.

Call 706-527-5283 for more information.

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