Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 11: Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D are here!

The Ledger-Enquirer is live blogging Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 11, which first aired Oct. 7, 2010. Here's a full recap:

The crew is slowly waking up. The Situation and Pauly D decide to remove the items Angelina has left behind. They begin rearranging the room Angelina shared with them.

"We have a situation." It's said as they attempt to move a bed frame. Not so carefully, they push the frame through the doorway as the others remain sleeping.

The crew is up and they're cooking lobsters in celebration of Angelina being gone. Snooki won't eat it, and she and JWoww decide to save one of them. She'll feed it worms, because that's what she believes lobsters eat.

Pauly D sees what they're doing, chastises them for putting the sea water animal in fresh water and takes it back to the kitchen.

The lobsters are ready, and JWoww says grace. The Situation gets some champagne and pops it. Sweetheart, however, says she was building a relationship with Angelina and now she's sad. Who will confront Ronnie now, she wonders.

The boys are in the hot tub and the girls are talking about Angelina. JWoww is upset that Sweetheart is angry with her over the "note."

Snooki is talking to Sweetheart in the bedroom about the "note." They relocate to the common room. Snooki says it obviously ruined their friendship, though she just wanted to be a good friend. Sweetheart appreciates the effort she's made, and then JWoww enters the room.

* crickets *

Back to the boys in the hot tub tossing a ball back and forth.

Back to the girls and the silence. Sweetheart explains how JWoww makes her extremely upset.

And here is some commercial sign!!!

Sweetheart says she had fun with the girls, but things are different now. JWoww apologizes, but Sweetheart isn't buying it. JWoww says the whole experience would have been different without Angelina.

JWoww isn't terribly impressed with Sweetheart either. "I used to beat up girls like that in high school."

Snooki says they got everything out in the open, and now things will be better. However, separately, Sweetheart and JWoww continue to complain about each other.

The boys are talking about laundry, tanning and then the gym. Vinny is on the phone, trying to get Ramona to go to the beach. She's the same girl who stood him up, but on this day, she's agreed to meet him. The rest of the boys have gone off, and Ramona is again late to arrive.

Vinny is cutting his nails as he waits ... two hours as he waits. He tries to call, and it goes to voice mail.

The phone rings, and it's two different girls on the phone. He decides to give Ramona five more minutes, which leads to Vinny to call them back and tell them to meet him.

But then the phone rings again, and it's Ramona. She can't find the house. Here's the situation, lowercase: two girls who want to be with him and Ramona who stood him up once and is now two hours late for their current meeting.

You won't know what happens until after this commercial sign!!!

We're back at Vinny's dilemma. He makes a call, and gives the bad news to ... the two girls who want to meet him. He goes with the girl who keeps him waiting. They walk to the beach, and he pours two glasses of Sprite for them.

Vinny says Ramona speaks three languages and has a great personality. And he means her personality.

They walk home as the sun goes down. Outside the home, they share a kiss and part ways.

Back at the house: Snooki gets a call from a good friend who's coming to visit. Her friend is having problems communicating because she may be drunk. JWoww tries to get information from her and fails. Snooki lets her friend know the difficulties they're having talking and maybe even problems the friend will have making her flight.

Snooki goes to sleep for the night.

And it is another commercial sign!!!

Scenes of the crew lying in bed, moments before the hangovers kick in. Snooki is up and trying to contact her friend, whose name is apparently Ryder. Then Ryder knocks on the door and steps inside.

The two start shopping for clothes, and it isn't long before they're having two Coronas dipped in what appears to be a margarita.

The crew is preparing for a night on the town. They are back at Klutch, perhaps their favorite club for the summer. The Situation is looking for some women, but as the boys say, there are too many grenades.

However, The Situation finds some ladies he appears to favor. Some of the women, however, don't really care for his antics. Pauly D points out that The Situation is too forward, but it's working in Pauly D's favor, because the women flock to him.

The Situation is ready to go, but Snooki is having fun dancing with a guy. The Situation then physically picks up Snooki, who is angered by his actions. The Situation, for some reason, doesn't understand.

Another commercial sign!!!

Snooki and The Situation are continuing their fight. She doesn't want to leave the club, and The Situation says he's just trying to round people up to go home. The crew leave, but Snooki and Ryder stay at the club. But now that her mood is ruined, she wants to return home and go to bed.

Back at the house, there's much silence when Snooki enters the kitchen and The Situation's there.

Snooki buries herself in bed, and Ryder seems upset that they're not still having fun.

Next day, Vinny and Ronnie head out. Snooki wakes up, grabs something from the fridge but doesn't speak to The Situation.

Snooki and crew are preparing for a day on the town, have a drink and lounge by the pool. Snooki invites Sweetheart to come out, but Sweetheart is on the phone not knowing what to do. In reality, though, Sweetheart knows it would turn into JWoww and her associating with each other, since Snooki has her friend with her.

Ronnie enters the room, and Sweetheart discusses her situation, lowercase. The pair lounge in bed, and Ronnie tries to give her advice.

Meanwhile, the viewer is treated to Snooki and Ryder grunting at each other as a method of communicating. The two then begin to create some type of confection in the kitchen. They grab a blender in an attempt to make a drink, and they do a little dance as they make the confection.

Snooki doesn't care for the taste, and they head out in search of alcohol. They buy some alcohol and run into The Situation and Pauly D. The Situation tries to apologize, but Snooki isn't pleased with the apology.

The Situation says Snooki is a drama queen. He doesn't intend to coddle her.

Just a couple more commercial signs!!!

Snooki and Co. continue in their quest to make a drink. Then, chalk drawings. Ryder recreates everyone in chalk form and then, the drinks.

The crew examines the chalk drawings, and then the crew prepares for another night out on the town.

Pauly D gets a phone call, and they head out to the cabs. Tonight, it's Tantra. The guys are fist pumping, JWoww and Snooki are dancing on tables, and Vinny points out that everything is good. Then, Ramona makes an appearance.

The Situation points out that Ramona is extremely attractive, and he makes his move. Pauly D sees what's occurring, and notes that he'd never do that to Vinny.

Vinny returns, Ramona tells him what The Situation did and Vinny is fairly upset. He wonders: is The Situation obsessed with him?

JWoww notices that The Situation is staring at Ramona and perhaps that everyone is having a good time.

Pauly D makes the same point: The Situation has no woman, and he's just sitting back watching others have a good time.

The Situation then walks over to Snooki and kisses her. She's not happy with it, pointing out that all he wants is women. When he doesn't have women, he's a different person.

The Situation then slaps Snooki in the mouth, and Snooki gets very upset. He says he's the leader of the group. When he says they're leaving, they leave.

And it's our last commercial sign!!!

There's a quick rehash of the drama of the slap. The Situation is desperately trying to get people to leave. JWoww points out that The Situation is acting out of sorts. Pauly D doesn't know why The Situation is acting in this manner. Ronnie concurs.

Snooki has a shout fest in a back room about The Situation trying to force people to leave. Snooki says if she sees The Situation, she will take a dangerous action toward him.

The credits start to roll as the crew continue dancing, except for The Situation.

Come back next week!!!