National Boss Day 2010 is observed Oct. 15, National Bosses' Week 2010 is Oct. 10-16

Brown nosers, start your engines. National Boss Day is observed Friday, Oct. 15, this year. Some flower companies urge you to honor your boss for a full week: Oct. 10-16.

The annual date of National Boss Day is Oct. 16. But since that's a Saturday this year, we celebrate on the Friday before the official holiday.

National Boss Day reportedly began in 1958, when an insurance employee registered the holiday with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Click here for National Boss Day e-cards

Buying a gift? Shop carefully.

Giving your boss a present that's just from you is an etiquette "don't," according to The Emily Post Institute. Obviously, it's easily interpreted as a way of brown-nosing.

The best course of action: "Get together with the others in your department and give a gift from the group," The Emily Post Institute notes.