Fall weather's running hot, but more seasonal temperatures are coming

It seems mild compared to the broiling summer just past, but Columbus’ weather right now is running almost 10 degrees above normal for this time of year.

High temperatures since Saturday have been hitting around 88 degrees, though the historic average is 79 degrees, according to AccuWeather.com. Like today, Tuesday’s forecast calls for a high of 88 degrees, again, and the historic average for that day is 78.

Those hoping for more of a fall feel may be pleased to hear that more seasonal temperatures are on the way: The high temperatures Thursday, Friday and Saturday are in that order expected to be 78, 76 and 77 degrees, under sunny skies, with nightly lows of around 50 degrees.

The high Wednesday, however, still will be unseasonably warm, at 84 degrees, with a low around 60 degrees that night.