Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Episode 2: Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks' husband

New cast member Cynthia Bailey finally got some airtime when "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" aired Monday on Bravo.

However, she was hardly the night's most memorable character.

That title once again went to NeNe Leakes, who gave her misbehaving son an emotional lecture and then initiated the sequel to last week's fight with Dwight. He apologized at the end of the show.

Monday's episode also laid the groundwork for a future fight between new cast member Phaedra and the other women. They learned her husband spent time in prison.

In this article, Phaedra explains he was convicted of a white-collar crime: racketeering.

Here's a full recap of Monday's show:


Woo hoo! Time for more "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Where did we leave off? Kim dabbled in bisexuality, Phaedra Parks joined the cast and NeNe went crazy on Dwight. Get a full recap here.

The show kicks off with Kim and her new assistant, Sweetie. They try to work out, but just end up walking while savoring all the attention from neighboring cars. Then, they stop to drink a beer.

What's up with new cast member Phaedra? She meets with a client who was caught with marijuana. Privately, NeNe tells us Phaedra isn't really a big deal. Sure, Phaedra represented Bobby Brown -- but, hello, that was 10 years ago. According to NeNe, at least.

On a tamer note, Kandi's in the studio working with Ne-Yo. She's really determined to release a successful solo album. Ne-Yo warns her not to let singing overshadow her songwriting talents. "You're right. Anybody can sing a song," Kandi says, detailing Kim's "Tardy for the Party" debacle.

Turns out there's some "Tardy for the Party" drama. Kandi says she never got any of the song's profits.

Here's Sheree, who shockingly has a date. She's going out with a doctor who wants to go dancing. There's just one problem: Sheree has no sense of rhythm.

Meanwhile, NeNe and new cast member Cynthia Bailey attend the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. NeNe complains about Dwight. Cynthia invites NeNe to Kandi's upcoming performance. Then, Cynthia complains that her boyfriend gave her an ultimatum for marriage. It prompts NeNe to complain about her marriage with Gregg. Also, she reveals she kicked her son Bryson out of the house.

Time to learn more about Cynthia. She's a model who's traveled all over the world. She's dating Peter Thomas and isn't too keen on marriage. She's been engaged three times.

Peter owns Uptown Supper Club. Cynthia and her daughter moved to Atlanta from New York after she met Peter.

Got that? Time to catch up with Sheree's date. She arrives at the dance party and the exterior is, well, less than classy. Things don't get any better when her date brings a supermarket bouquet of flowers. He also has a really annoying laugh. On the plus side, he's kind of hot. They plan a second date.

Need some more Kim? You're in luck. Kim gets invited to perform at Jeffrey Sanker's White Party in Palm Springs. It's a massive gay dance party. Kim asks if Kandi can come and Jeffrey agrees.

Kandi rehearses for her show at Uptown Supper Club. Kandi tells Cynthia she's pumped to release her album. Then, the discussion turns to Cynthia's feelings toward marriage. Cynthia says Peter wants to get married. What does she think? Well, she can't think of a reason NOT to get married.

That's good, right?

Ponder that question while we check in with NeNe. She chats with her son Bryson, who wants to come back home. NeNe isn't psyched about the idea. "You are 20 years old. You don't work and you're not in school," NeNe says. "Partying all night long, getting arrested is not the way to go."

NeNe tells us Bryson was caught with marijuana while visiting a friend in jail. NeNe cries while telling Bryson the pain she feels. "I will never sit by and watch you do stupid things and support you being stupid," she says.

Bryson says NeNe is being too strict. "You have the audacity to sit here and tell me that I'm tough on you?" NeNe says. "You don't even take the trash to the street...I'm being tough on you, yet I pay the bills to be here."

After what seems like a 30-minute monologue, NeNe concludes, "When you get your damn mind, you call me."

She ultimately lets him move back in -- provided he finds a job in 90 days.

Time for Kandi's performance! Of course, the main event isn't Kandi at all. It's a potential feud between NeNe and Dwight.

Dwight arrives with Phaedra and her husband. Third wheel alert. The trio takes a table away from the other Housewives and they immediately make fun of Kim's hair. In their defense, they have a point. It looks like she has a dead animal buried in the back of her wig.

At the other table, Sheree's stylist tells the women that Phaedra's husband had a stint in prison. NeNe's the last one to arrive. She doesn't address Dwight. Yet.

Kandi takes the stage and delivers a pretty great performance. Unfortunately, most of the other Housewives don't notice.

Sheree says Kandi sounded good, "even though I couldn't hear the words."

NeNe notes, "I didn't really pay Kandi that much attention."

NeNe's ready to confront Dwight. Cynthia gets them a private room. Dwight is initially reluctant to talk but eventually succumbs to NeNe's, um, lure.

He says he never told Kim that Gregg borrowed $10,000 from him. NeNe complains that either way, Dwight shouldn't have made a deal with her husband behind her back.

"I am so sorry," Dwight says. They exchange a hug. Aww.

Privately, NeNe tells us she hopes the transaction was really $500 instead of $10,000. She adds, "I can forgive, but I can't forget...I may never be able to put this betrayal behind me, from Dwight or from Gregg."