Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 12: Amber and Gary still together after Teen Mom season finale 2010?

When "Teen Mom" wrapped up its second season Tuesday night, viewers were left wondering about the future of Amber and Gary's turbulent relationship.

They hugged in the episode's final moments, marking the end of a series of heated interactions that included domestic violence. In an earlier episode, Amber hit and kicked Gary.

Radar Online reports that Amber and Gary recently exchanged promise rings.

Tuesday's finale also hinted at a possible rekindled romance between Maci and Ryan, the father of her child. Things didn't look too optimistic by the end of the episode, however.

Also on the show, Farrah continued to mend her relationship with her mom. Catelynn and Tyler visited Carly, the daughter they gave up for adoption a year ago.

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Tyler and Catelynn get ready to visit Carly, the daughter they gave up for adoption a year ago. Their nervousness increases as the visit approaches.

Finally, the big moment arrives. They meet Carly and her adoptive parents for an afternoon picnic. It's all very emotional.

After the picnic, Amber chats with her mom on the phone. Surprisingly, her mom actually sounds kind of supportive. Emphasis on "kind of."

Catelynn and Tyler have another meal with Carly and her adoptive parents. Catelynn and Tyler give her a scrapbook and a recorded book.


Farrah's mom sets her up with Julian, a hot hair stylist. Farrah and her mom visit the salon and Farrah's impressed. They exchange phone numbers and talk about a date.

The best part, however, is Farrah's mom's reaction to her new hairstyle: "I don't look like a felon now, do I?"

Either way, Farrah goes on a date with Julian and tells him she has a daughter. He seems to take the news well.

Farrah hasn't heard from Julian, but she's staying busy. She's moving into her mom's extra home. Farrah tries to make her mom agree to a contract, but the plan backfires.

Farrah wants special financial treatment and her mom won't give it to her. "I'm not putting up with disrespect," her mom says. It makes Farrah wonder if the setup will work.

On the plus side, Julian calls! They make plans to hang out again.

Time for some conflict resolution between Farrah and her mom.

The reach a settlement on the department, then Farrah says she lashes out on her mom because she's still dealing with grief. "I can't fix what has been. I can only fix what's going forward...We're a family and you can talk to me about anything," Farrah's mom says.

Farrah's response? "I'm glad I have you for a mom." Aww.


Amber's relationship with Chris, also known as Walmart Guy, is progressing quickly. So quickly, in fact, that she's ready to introduce him to her daughter Leah. How does Leah react? Well, she walks away after the introduction.

Meanwhile, Gary chats with his friends and calls the situation depressing.

Big surprise: Chris doesn't have money or a job. Naturally, Amber lets him stay with her. In exchange, Chris says he can imagine spending the rest of his life with her.

Oh yeah, he has a follow-up question: "Can I use the car real quick?"

Amber calls Gary and tries to work out a custody arrangement. Predictably, the conversation quickly turns into a screaming match. Even Walmart Guy gets on the phone. Amber drives to Gary's family's house to talk in person.

When he sees Amber pull up, Gary gets in his car and drives away. Car chase!

Amber returns home and talks to Walmart Guy, who calls Gary childish. Hmm.

Gary describes the recent sequence of events to his friend. "I miss who she was. I don't miss who she is now," Gary says.

He comes over and talks to Amber about a custody schedule. Again, the discussion is civil for all of five seconds. Gary accuses Amber of being a bad mom and putting Leah in dirty clothes.

Then, he freaks out when he learns Walmart Guy has changed Leah's diaper.

"If you let him change her one more time, I will take her," Gary says, then storms out of Amber's apartment. Amber starts crying.

Later, Gary returns and says he wants to resolve things. "I want you to be happy," Amber tells Gary between tears.


Maci's bummed in the aftermath of her breakup with Kyle. She meets with Ryan, the father of her son Bentley, to discuss their custody agreement. Unfortunately, there is no agreement. It looks like they're headed for court.

Maci tells her parents she broke up with Kyle, but she's staying in Nashville.

Maci receives a letter telling her that Ryan has scheduled a mediation appointment. "I wish I could have a baby with no baby daddy," Maci tells her friend.

Maci and Ryan attend the mediation appointment. Ryan wants to keep Bentley an extra night every other week. Maci agrees, but starts crying.

While dropping off Bentley, Maci tells Ryan that she and Kyle broke up. Ryan broke up with his new girlfriend, but says he doesn't think about getting back together with Maci.

Maci agrees, but says in her final voice-over, "Now that we're both single, who knows what will happen in the future?"

Season 3, here we come!