Dancing with the Stars results: A bad Situation for Mike Sorrentino, Karina Smirnoff

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, the "Jersey Shore" star and partner Karina Smirnoff were eliminated on the week-four results show of "Dancing with the Stars." They were the couple who received the lowest combined score of judges' points and viewers votes. They received just 28 out of 60 judges' points for their dance on the week-four performance show that aired Monday.

"I put it all on the floor last night... It is what it is. I tried my best and at the end of the day someone's gotta go home," The Situation said.

When DWTS host Tom Bergeron pointed out that The Situation seemed different on DWTS than he was on "Jersey Shore," the reality star agreed. "I give what is needed at a particular situation... I'm not a dancer, and I tried to practice... It's definitely hard. On 'Dancing with the Stars', you really got to see the whole Situation," he said.

In previously filmed footage, The Situation said: "I've definitely learned a lot about myself and that I'm able to, sort of, go out of my comfort zone and try new things."

Those who will compete next week are:

Actress Jennifer Grey and partner Derek Hough, who earned 56 out of 60 judges' points for their Argentine tango

Reality star Audrina Patridge and partner Tony Dovolani, who earned 46 points

Singer Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who received 48 points

Kyle Massey with partner Lacey Schwimmer, who got 40 points

NBA star Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke, who received 39 points

Florence Henderson and partner Corky Ballas, who got 35 points

NFL star Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya, who had 34 points

Alaskan teen mom Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas, who received 32 points

Viewers and contestants also learned how head judge Len Goodman's scoring system works. Here's how:

1 point: Just show up with a pulse

2 points: Move your left point

3 points: Move both feet

4 points: Getting through the routine

5 points: Show a little bit of musicality or rhythym

6 points: Potential. A bit of improvement. An average score

7 points: Chemistry. More good than bad

8 points: Get to the dance. Be confident. Starting to drive the dance.

9 points: You've become a contender. A nine from Len is like a 10 from Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba.

10 points: Your technique and performance were great. Your personality came out. There was chemistry between partners and the performance lit up the stage

Here's a recap of week-four competition show:

Week four competition on "Dancing with the Stars" revealed a new in-the-round stage, meaning the audience was circling the celebrities and their professional dance partners. Each dance was performed with acoustic music, meaning mistakes were easily spotted and frequently made. And the judges gave each couple two scores — one for performance and one for technique.

"We're going to sort out the dancers from the chancers," head judge Len Goodman said before the show began.

The dancers were point leaders, actress Jennifer Grey and partner Derek Hough, who earned 56 out of 60 points for their Argentine tango. Joining them were reality star Audrina Patridge and partner Tony Dovolani, who earned 46 points. Singer Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who received 48 points, round out the "dancers" category.

The "chancers" category would appear to contain The Situation and Karina Smirnoff, with just 28 points, and Alaskan teen mom Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas, with 32 points.

Somewhere between "dancers" and "chancers" where NFL star Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya, who had 34 points, and Florence Henderson and partner Corky Ballas, who got 35 points. Also in the middle of the field were and Kyle Massey with partner Lacey Schwimmer, who got 40. After judges' points are combined with viewers' votes, the couple receiving the lowest combined score will be eliminated from Tuesday's results show, starting at 9 p.m. on ABC. A short recap of Monday's show will be shown at 8 p.m.

Here's a recap of the week-four performance show:

Below, each judge has two numbers next to his or her name. The first number is the technique score and the second number is the performance score.

Kurt Warner, NFL quarterback and Anna Trebunskaya received 34 points for their rumba (15 points for technique and 19 for performance.) The judges weren't happy with Kurt's hands, which Bruno has referred to as frying pans. The judges agreed that Kurt needs to make sure his movement extends through his hands. Kurt was unhappy with his score, but happy to wish his wife, Brenda, a happy 13th wedding anniversary.

Len Goodman, 5, 6: "You've got nice hip action going on... I didn't like your posture."

Bruno Tonioli, 5, 6: "Movement has to flow." He criticized Kurt's arms and accused him of trying to punch Anna instead of dance with her.

Carrie Ann Inaba, 5, 7: "I really loved the performance. There was true chemistry between you guys."

Brandy, R & B singer, and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy earned 48 points for their rumba (22 for technique and 26 for performance). The judges said Brandy needed to work on her hand movement. They said her hands were a bit erratic and that she needed firmer foot placement to ignite more hip action.

Bruno Tonioli, 7, 9: "I'm loving that kind of mood of soft sensuality... You really played it very, very well."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 7, 9: "It's like your comeback night... Wow. huge difference."

Len Goodman, 8, 8: "The performance was very good. It was a bit hot and spicy for my taste but still very well done."

Rick Fox, NBA champion, and partner Cheryl Burke got 39 points for their Argentine Tango (19 for technique and 20 for performance). Lifts were allowed and the couple took advantage of Rick's strength and height. The judges felt that the routine started well but lost energy throughout.

Carrie Ann Inaba, 6, 6: "For some reason it just felt one dimensional."

Bruno Tonioli, 6, 7: "It wasn't as musical as it could have been."

Len Goodman, 7, 7: "I thought your lips were excellent... You legs could have been slightly crisper and sharper... It gradually lost that energy."

Kyle Massey, Disney star, and partner Lacey Schwimmer earned 40 points for their rumba (18 for technique and 22 for performance). The judges complained that Kyle's movements were sharp instead of smooth.

Len Goodman, 6, 7: "Your footwork was much better... It was all a little bit too sharp for me. It didn't flow... The performance, though, I thought was excellent."

Bruno Tonioli, 6, 7: "You just play it well. You're a natural."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 6, 8: "I felt it had an innocence to it... It was a little unbalanced."

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, the "Jersey Shore" star, and partner Karina Smirnoff received 28 points for their Argentine Tango (12 for technique and 16 for performance). The Situation's core strength was put to the test with several complicated lifts, and he (finally!) revealed those sculpted abs that he so famously flaunts at the beach. The Situation was unhappy with his scores but pleased that "Karina's in one piece right now." About his low score, he added: "That's a situation... I had fun out there."

Bruno Tonioli, 4, 5: "That was a terrible mess."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 4, 6: "On behalf of all the women, I'd would like to welcome The Situation's abs to our show... As Bruno said it was a rough ride. I was very impressed, though. I do see true improvement with your performance."

Len Goodman, 4, 5: "It was consistent. It was bad throughout."

Florence Henderson, aka "Brady Bunch" mom Carol Brady, and partner Corky Ballas received 35 points for their rumba (17 for technique and 18 for performance.) Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) and wife Audrina Curry were applauding from their seats in the audience.

Carrie Ann Inaba, 6, 6: "What just happenend? You're Mrs. Brady. What was that? O.K., you definitely proved that age has no relationship to how sexy and raunchy and dirty you can make a dance... I was a little scared of you."

Len Goodman, 6, 6: "It was much better than I expected. Well done."

Bruno Tonioli, 5, 6: "You went through everything.. I don't know if it was scary, saucy, spicy..."

Jennifer Grey, the now-50-year-old actress best known for playing Baby in "Dirty Dancing," and partner Derek Hough earned 56 points for their Argentine Tango (27 for technique and 29 for performance). They received the first 10s of the season from Bruno and Carrie Ann.

Len Goodman, 9, 9: "Excellent technique, great performance skills. A magnificent combination."

Bruno Tonioli, 9, 10: "This really is prime-time delight. Fantastic. Technically the intricacy of what you did is beyond belief."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 9, 10: "The precision was incredible. The passion was incredible. That was amazing."

Bristol Palin, the 19-year-old daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and partner Mark Ballas earned 32 points for their rumba (18 for technique and 14 for performance.) The judges said Bristol needed to work on dancing for the audience and putting effort into the performance. Bristol helped Mark out of his shirt during the dance, which the audience loved but the judges found distracting.

Bruno Tonioli, 6, 5: :"Technically you're always kind of clean... You go vacant... You've got to sustain it all the way through."

Carrie Ann Inaba, 6, 4: "There's no effort... I feel like you're just dancing for Mark... I want to see you dance with much more intensity."

Len Goodman, 6, 5: "You don't see me taking my shirt off and exposing myself to everyone. These things are distractions... I want to see more 'we' and less 'me' out of your routines. Your performances do lack a bit of conviction but I thought your technique was there."

Audrina Patridge, from "The Hills," and her partner Tony Dovolani earned 46 points for their Argentine Tango (24 for technique and 22 for performance).

Carrie Ann Inaba, 8, 8: "I enjoyed that... You have to work on extending your foot all the way past your toe. You seem to lack energy at your ankle... Your performance is growing."

Len Goodman, 8, 7: "I thought it was clean... The routine was very clever."

Bruno Tonioli, 8, 7: "It was effective in a way... But you performed a bit like the ice-queen type: cool and determined, slightly detached."

Eliminated week three:

Comedian Margaret Cho and partner Louis Van Amstel were eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" on the week three results show. The couple received the lowest judges' points on the performance show with 18. Their combined score of judges' points and viewers' votes was the lowest of the contestants.

"I thought the judges were really hard on me, but I think you were hard on me because you could see that I am a dancer for real," Margaret said. "Thank you for the opportunity to let me dance." In rehearsals, Margaret said: "I've experienced every emotion on this journey just from heartache and sadness to intense joy and celebration. It's really taken me for such a ride."

Louis said: "For her to put her heart out here on the dance floor... I love you, and our journey hasn't finished."

Eliminated week two:

Singer Michael Bolton's jive to "Hound Dog" with partner Chelsie Hightower needed a "pooper scooper" to clean up all the mistakes, according to "Dancing with the Stars" head judge Len Goodman. And that wasn't even the meanest comment given during the week two episode of Season 11. Judge Bruno Tonioli told the Grammy winning singer that his dance was the worst jive performed in any season of the show's existence. Ouch. Bolton received the lowest score of the evening with just 12 points.

Eliminated week one:

Actor David Hasselhoff and partner Kym Johnson were the first couple to be eliminated from Season 11 of "Dancing with the Stars." The 58-year-old former "Baywatch" star and previous host of "America's Got Talent" said "I feel bad for Kym 'cause she worked so hard to try and get me where I was going. I'm just so proud that my daughters are here."

Recap of the week one performance show:

Judges awarded 24 out of 30 points to "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey, making her the week one leader but judges weren't sure she'd be the leader for long. Len Goodman said "This is a dance that really suited you... I'm waiting for next week to see how you can do a jive."

Earning the fewest judges' points — 15 — were The Situation, Margaret Cho and David Hasselhoff. Michael Bolton was slightly ahead with 16 points. Florence Henderson and Bristol Palin had 18 points each while Kurt Warner and Audrina Patridge received 19 each. Rick Fox got 22 points and Kyle Massey and Brandy received 23 points each.