Survivor 21 Episode 5 results recap: Who was kicked off Survivor on Oct. 13?

Tyrone Davis, a 42-year-old fire captain from California, was eliminated from "Survivor" Wednesday night.

The show included a major tribe swap. Say goodbye to the young versus old concept.

Jane, Jill and Marty joined La Flor, formerly the younger tribe.

Alina, Benry, Chase and Naonka joined Espada, formerly the older tribe.

Weigh in: Did the right person go home?

Here's a full recap of Wednesday's episode:


The show kicks off with a twist. Say goodbye to the young versus old concept. It's time to mix things up. Brenda and Holly are chosen at random as team captains.

Brenda picks Jane, Jill and Marty to join La Flor, formerly the younger tribe.

Holly picks Alina, Benry, Chase and Naonka to join Espada, formerly the older tribe.

They compete in a reward challenge to win "two chickens, one rooster and a big message to the other tribe," according to host Jeff Probst. The medallion of power is out of play.

The challenge involves catching small balls. It's all tied up until Marty loses the contest for La Flor.

Back at camp, Tyrone takes a role as the leader of Espada. He tells everybody the rules of the tribe.

Naonka's reaction? "Don't think that you're a 'g' -- which is a gangster -- because you're not," she tells us privately.

Holly bonds with Naonka and Alina. The two former La Flor members used to fight, but the new circumstances force them to get along.

Over at La Flor, the new members are shocked by how relaxed things seem. "It doesn't seem to me like this tribe has had a lot of leadership," Marty says, and then reveals he has an immunity idol.

Privately, Brenda tells us Marty is arrogant. "He's coming into our home and he's already setting it up like he's the king," she says.

Some major rain strikes and Naonka panics. She confides in Alina, who comforts her but tells us Naonka seems like a high school girl.

She's right. Naonka freaks out and talks about quitting. Why? She's cold. "Even when I was living in Iowa, I wasn't this cold," Naonka says. In her defense, La Flor has a tarp and Espada doesn't.

Immunity challenge. Players are strapped to a wheel. As the wheel rotates, they go underwater. They have to collect water in their mouth and spit it in a cup. Once they reach a certain amount, they have to throw balls and break tiles. Fabio wins the challenge for La Flor.

La Flor wins, Espada goes tribal council. After the outcome, Naonka says she thinks she's done. "I really want to go home. I'm over it," she says.

As tribal council approaches, members of Espada want to eat a chicken. Well, everybody except Tyrone. However, majority rules -- and Tyrone says he doesn't want to rock the boat.

Once they cook the chicken, Tyrone has no problem taking the biggest piece.

Members of the tribe seem to agree that elimination will be a choice between Naonka and Tyrone.

At tribal council, Alina says Tyrone's initial speech made her feel a little bit like a child. Tyrone blames it on the "generation gap."

Naonka says prior to "Survivor," the hardest thing she'd been through was a divorce.

Voting time. In a 5-2 vote, Tyrone is kicked off "Survivor."