Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 12: What is wrong with The Situation?

The Ledger Enquirer is live blogging Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 12, which aired for the first time on Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010. See our full recap below:

As usual, the show starts with a quick review of last week. Snooki is angry that The Situation is tring to get everyone to leave the club. He gets some of the crew in the cab, and they head home.

Once back at the house, Vinny points out the phone he waited by for three hours, hoping Ramona would call. Now, he's in the bedroom with her having a casual conversation with her. Their conversation gets a little more heated as time passes.

The next morning: The Situation says he knows that Snooki is angry with him, though she should know that rounding up people at a club is what he does. He tries to apologize, though Snooki notes that if he ever tries it again, she will never talk to him again.

Snooki tells the camera that all she wanted was for him to admit his error.

Vinny, meanwhile, walks out Ramona. He says she's what he's looking for in a woman. Sweetheart pokes a little fun at him, though Vinny says he's happy with her and would possibly "wife up."

Snooki and her friend, Ryder, are tanning outside the home. Snooki's sad her friend is about to leave, and they do shots. Snooki says she's living with some unique characters, and that she needs stable people from back home to keep her stablized.

Snooki is crying by the hot tub, and JWoww points out that she should appreciate her friend. Snooki is ready to go home because of her sadness, and JWoww doesn't want her to go. JWoww says if Snooki returns home, she will leave as well.

Did someone say commercial sign???

Snooki is cring and Vinny walks into the situation, lowercase. He points out that she'll see Ryder in a week, though Snooki says that she misses her friends and family. Snooki says she only trusts Vinny and JWoww out of everyone in the house.

Scene change: Pauly D and The Situation find an illegal place to park and they get haircuts. Then they get what appears to be eyebrow cuts.

Back at the house, JWoww is flipping through some type of magazine. JWoww says she's getting sad because Snooki is sad. JWoww says that they will go to "Space," a club where the action doesn't stop until 2 p.m. the next day.

Snooki then runs through the house announcing that their intention is visit "Space."

The guys have their T-shirt time as the women prepare for a night out. Snooki notes that JWoww looks like a slattern.

The crew is ready and they enter the cabs. They reach Space, and the place is packed. Everyone appears to have fun at first. JWoww is having much fun, though Snooki is not. Two people are screaming at Snooki, who doesn't understand their aggression.

Sweetheart says she's trying to have a good time, though Snooki's antics are upseting her.

The Situation begins yelling at the other gentlemen, and JWoww decides that this encounter will ruin the evening.

As The Situation continues shouting at the aggressive couple, we enter ...

Some serious commercial sign!!!

We're back at Space, and The Situation appears ready to jump into a fight. Pauly D notes that they hadn't been in the club for one hour, and they already are removed. Ronnie is upset that they had to leave.

Pauly D says he's disappointed and doesn't want to go home alone, so he convinces two women to accompany him.

Pauly D and The Situation stay at home while the others go out. Pauly D notes that the women know why they're at the house, but The Situation's woman doesn't seem to be compliant.

Pauly D's woman says that he's far too nice, but his friend starts talking to The Situation's woman about how she's never truly associated with a man. The Situation is not pleased with the situation, lowercase, and he's escorting her to another room because he's ready to sleep. The Situation gets his lady friend something to drink and he returns to bed.

The women, however, leave the home because of The Situation's actions. Pauly D explains his dissatisfaction with The Situation's wing man failure.

We have a situation with this commercial sign!!!

The Situation is explaining to JWoww his problems with being a wing man while Pauly D is inside complaining about The Situation. Strangely, The Situation's version of the story is not necessarily the complete truth.

Back to the beach: Vinny is with Ramona and he's happy spending time with her. Pauly D is there, and he says he feels like a third wheel. However, a woman he knows then approaches and they decide to spend some time together.

Ronnie and Sweetheart then arrive at the beach, and Sweetheart notes that Pauly D and Vinny have "wifed up." Sweetheart is pleased with the couple association.

Back at the house, it's time for the hot tub. The Situation is inside working on food preparation, and he points out how he must multitask to cook for that many people. A hot pan quickly turns into steam pouring into the house, causing the smoke alarm to go off and a fire truck to arrive.

Get ready for an emergency after this commercial sign!!!

Pauly D calls for everone to get out of the hot tub. The fire department then arrives and has a look around the house. JWoww hopes that the firemen remove some of their clothes. Snooki says that she would associate with one of the men.

Finally, the crew sits down to a meal. Pauly D makes a drunken conversation: At one point, none of them knew each other.

On to clean-up time. Now, they're sitting on the couch, talking about the types of women the men like. Sweetheart, however, grows upset about the discussion. Sweetheart goes outside and complains to Snooki about Ronnie, saying that if he likes other women, then he should be with other women.

Ronnie is now outside speaking with Sweetheart. She tries to explain the situation, lowercase, to him. She's upset by a comment, and Ronnie says she's getting upset by just one comment. He then says that Sweetheart has been nothing but negative to him.

That causes her to become not only surprised, but seriously upset.

Getting down to just a few more commercial signs!!!

Sweetheart says that Ronnie should be quiet and respect her. She then walks off. Ronnie tells the camera that she starts most of the fights. She wanders off to bed and doesn't say anything to the viewer.

Next scene: JWoww is using the chalkboard to determine who has had the equivalent of a kiss based on their partners. JWoww's diagram makes Snooki realize the significant number of relationships she's had.

Next day, the crew is up. The Situation says that he must do laundry, then tan. Cue the shots of tanning beds.

These commercial signs are becoming far too regular!!!

It seems that The Situation's vehicle has been towed. He and Vinny figure that they must call a number on a government sign. The Situation then finds a pay phone and calls the number.

Here's what occurs: He explains that his car has been towed. It will cost $175 to get back. He asks for a discount, but there doesn't seems to be any price cut.

Vinny and The Situation attempt to walk to where the car is, though The Situation may not know how to navigate basic city streets. They finally locate the tow place, and they get the Escalade back.

At the house, Vinny is trying to convince Snooki to come out. Snooki is prepared for a night out, but for some reason she doesn't want to go.

Pauly D and Vinny go to Tantra. Vinny sees Ramona, who works as a dancer at the club. The Situation appears awed by women dancing near him. That's when they discover the women from "Canadia."

They are, as Pauly D says, prepared for conversation.

All the men have women with them, and they return to the house. Vinny is happy to be with Ramona, who is at the house with him.

Meanwhile, the women are with Pauly D and The Situation outside. The Situation decides that the women need to be in pajamas. They hunt for some clothes and joke around a bit.

In the kitchen, one of the woman notes that she has a boyfriend. The Situation notes that the women are playing games. One says she will leave in five minutes. The Situation points out that if they are to leave in five minutes, they should leave immediately.

Pauly D says he was nice to bring home two women instead of one, and now he says this is deja vu. They both leave, and Pauly D says it may be time to discuss the situation, lowercase, with The Situation.

The credits roll, and The Situation keeps talking, apparently to himself, about his anger concerning women only staying for another five minutes.

The show is over for yet another week!!!