Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 4: Read our recap, watch Grey's Anatomy online for free

Dr. Jackson Avery attempted to join the ranks of the McHunks by appearing shirtless on Thursday's episode of "Grey's Anatomy."

Not impressed? The show included other story lines, including Meredith and Derek's plans to start a family. Click here to refresh yourself on last week's episode.

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When McSteamy tried to tag along socially with Callie and Arizona, there was just one problem. Arizona revealed she doesn't like McSteamy. Why? Apparently, he has an affinity for staring at her, um, upper body assets. After some inspirational words from Callie and Karev, Arizona decided to stop being so judgmental.

She and McSteamy went on a "date" at the episode's end. Aww.


In the aftermath of her miscarriage, Meredith went to an OB/GYN to discuss the possibility of a second pregnancy. The verdict? Meredith has a "hostile uterus."

It prompted Meredith to contemplate reasons not to have a child, including the fact that her baby could have Alzheimer's disease. Remember, Meredith's mother had Alzheimer's. Meredith asked Cristina to draw some blood and test her for the Alzheimer's gene.

Later, Meredith told McDreamy she'd had the test. He said they should stop all the testing and worrying and just take life as it happens. If they get pregnant, great. If not, no big deal. Meredith seemed to accept the approach.


Ah, misunderstood Lexie. This time, she was envious of Meredith's growing friendship with April Kepner. When a female patient confessed to trying to kill her husband in the name of jealousy, Lexie realized her own rage had gone too far. She confronted Meredith, who confessed her miscarriage and said she took care of Lexie amid her breakdown.

Meredith's conclusion: Lexie isn't crazy, she's just a Grey.


When he failed to impress Teddy at work, Dr. Jackson Avery resorted to flirting. He conveniently ended up shirtless in her presence. It didn't go well. She reminded him of his intelligence and told him to lay off on the flirting, a fireable offense.


Cristina and Owen looked at homes together. At first, Cristina was disinterested in the process.

At work, Cristina met a patient who attempted to cure his medical ailments by eating worms. Unfortunately, he ended up with severe blockage and needed an operation. Cristina said she still wasn't ready to return to the operating room, but she tried (unsuccessfully) to save his worms.

After the procedure, the patient asked Cristina how long he'd need to wait before eating worms again. She asked why he'd put his health at risk again. His answer was simple -- risk is worthwhile when you're doing what you believe in and love.

That led Cristina to all sorts of self-analysis and distant stares.

At the end of the episode, Cristina surprised Owen inside the home he loved: a refurbished fire station. She bought it for them.


The episode also included a male ballet dancer who initially needed a leg amputation. However, after the patient danced for the doctors, Karev found a rare (yet risky) procedure that kept his leg intact. It seemed to go well, and Karev's altruism cemented his need for his own plot line. Are you listening, producers?

Also, some budget issues could be on the horizon at Seattle Grace. Chief Webber discussed the issue with Dr. Bailey early in the episode.