Allen Pettis wins sumo wrestling competition Friday at TSYS United Way field day

Allen Pettis, an executive vice president at credit card processor TSYS, won the sumo wrestling title Friday at the company's annual fundraising field day for the United Way. The field day was on the grass in the front of the main campus.

For the first time at the TSYS field day, a sumo wrestling category was offered. Before Friday, employees voted and raised money to put their bosses in the pit, which was actually a thickly padded mat.

The company rented two suits locally. They are heavy and tan. One had a blue belt, and the other was red.

Eight men competed Friday. After the semi-finals, Pettis went up against John Dale Hester. The winner had to defeat his opponent two out of three times--either by knocking him down or knocking him off the mat.

Pettis' wrestling name was "The Viper." Hester was "Nature Boy."

Also on the field: a dunking booth, beanbag toss and a hockey goal.

TSYS' United Way goal this year is $1,050,000.

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