Amazing Race 2010: Who got eliminated in the Amazing Race Seaon 17 Episode 4?

The Ledger-Enquirer live blogged the Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 4 when it first aired on Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010, on CBS. Read the full recap below:

Doctors Nat and Kat got first place in the fourth leg of the Amazing Race. Singing duo Connor and Jonathan are last place and get eliminated from the Amazing Race.

Before beginning the fourth leg of the race, the remaining nine teams help refurbish a village school. Then, Connor and Jonathan get their clue first and learn that they must fly to Kiruna, Sweden, and make their way to the world famous Ice Hotel, where they will find their next clue. Gary and Mallory are next, followed by Chad and Stephanie.

The teams grab cabs and head to the airport, where because of limited flights they are all given tickets for the same plane. However, some of the teams are trying to find an earlier flight. Nat and Kat find a flight that should put them in Sweden two hours earlier. Connor and Jonathan, however, are stuck on their original flight.

Other teams figure out that they can get earlier flights, and some of them successfully get new tickets. The flights then take off.

Nat and Kat, Brook and Claire and Michael and Kevin have to run to a connecting flight in Germany during a layover. Brook and Claire and Nat and Kat make their flight, but Michael and Kevin haven't yet gotten to the connecting flight.

Michael and Kevin end up making their connecting flight, and they have an advantage along with the other teams.

The teams on the first flight get off the plane and into awaiting cars, where they pull away in search of the Ice Hotel. In a storage away from the Ice Hotel, they find clues chipped into blocks of ice. They must now get the message translated to find their next clue.

However, Michael and Kevin must complete their Speed Bump before they can continue: They must sit on furniture made of ice for 10 minutes before they can continue. They complete the task and head on, get their message translated first - which leads them to a Road Block - and are now in first place.

Teams must complete the Mush Dogs Road Block. As mush dogs pull one of the team members, the person must grab a series of flags hanging along the track. If they get all five flags, they then exchange them for some fur pelts. Once they return the pelts to the start of the Road Block, they get their next clue.

If they miss a flag, though, they must do a penalty lap for each flag missed.

Michael and Kevin get all five flags the first time and get their pelts.

Gary and Mallory are in second place in the Road Block. Nat and Kat are fourth.

The teams on the second flight have just reached the Ice Hotel storage area. Connor and Jonathan are sixth place. Nick and Vicki are seventh place. Jill and Thomas are last place.

Back at the start of the Road Block, Michael and Kevin learn that they must find the Vassijaure Train Station, where the next clue awaits. Brook and Claire are on their heels in second place. Gary and Mallory are third place. Nat and Kat are fourth place.

Jill and Thomas, meanwhile, ran in the wrong direction after finding the Road Block and are in the middle of nowhere. Jill asks if they want to use the Express Pass.

Michael and Kevin drive to the train station and find the clue box, where they find their Detour: Sleds or Beds. In Sleds, teams go to the top of a mountain. They must then speed down a course and finish it in 1:58. If they don't finish in time, they must do it again.

In beds, they must use traditional materials and build a traditional building that resembles a tent and then make it comfortable for sleeping. Michael and Kevin opt for Beds.

Nat and Kat opt for Sleds, though Kat wrecks out while on the course and says she's stuck.

Gary and Mallory also go for Sleds and head down the mountain. Mallory gets it exactly at 1:58, but they must do it again because they must beat the time.

Nat and Kat do it a second time and both beat the time, getting their next clue. They learn that the Pit Stop for this leg is the Norwegian border.

Brook and Claire are in second place, though Nat and Kat make it to the Pit Stop and are first place. They win a trip for two to Belize.

Michael and Kevin complete Beds and are in fourth place.

Gary and Mallory are second place. Brook and Claire are third place.

Jill and Thomas decide to use their Express Pass when they get to Beds, which gives them the clue to the Pit Stop. Chad and Stephanie can't complete Sleds together, as Stephanie is too frightened, and they go to Beds instead.

Connor and Jonathan also give up and go to Beds.

Michael and Kevin are fourth at the Pit Stop. Jill and Thomas make it to the Pit Stop in fifth place. Nick and Vicki are sixth place. Chad and Stephanie are seventh place at the Pit Stop.

It's down to Katie and Rachel and the singing duo Connor and Jonathan. Both of them are at Beds, though the singers are now in last place as they race off to the Pit Stop.

However, Katie and Rachel make it first and are eighth place. Connor and Jonathan are last place and are eliminated from the Amazing Race.