Amazing Race 2010: Who got eliminated in the Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 5?

The Ledger-Enquirer live blogged the Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 5. See our full recap of the show that first aired Oct. 24, 2010, below:

In the fifth leg of the Amazing Race, Nat and Kat are first place. Beach volleyball players Katie and Rachel are last place and are eliminated from the race.

Nat and Kat were first in last week's leg, meaning they leave first in the fifth leg. They get the leg's first clue, which leads them to the city of Narvik, Norway, where they must find a gondola station. Once there, they must ride to the top of a mountain to get their next clue.

Michael and Kevin, who have already gotten last place in one of the race's legs - though it wasn't an elimination leg - have lost their clue leading them to the mountain.

Nat and Kat get to the gondola station first and begin waiting for the next gondola. Nat, however, has a terrifying fear of heights and begins crying as the gondola begins to rise up the mountain. They reach the top and find the next clue, which is a Fast Forward.

Nat and Kat can go to a restaurant and participate in a traditional Norwegian Christmas meal. If they can finish a large sheep's head, they'll be able to skip the remaining tasks in the leg and go straight to the Pit Stop.

Teams who don't go for the Fast Forward must instead find the Skjomen Bridge, where the next clue awaits.

Nat and Kat reach the Fast Forward, where they find slow music and dim lighting. They then discover that they must each eat the sheep's head. Kat, a vegetarian, hasn't eaten meat in 22 years, but she tries to eat her way through this Fast Forward, saying "tastes like money."

The other teams make it to the bridge and find a Road Block: Rappel and Ascend. They must rappel down the bridge to water level, signal one of two boats and then ascend more than 100 feet to the bridge.

Gary and Mallory and Michael and Kevin are in second and third place, respectively, at the bridge. The other teams are right behind them.

Kevin and Gary quickly descend to the water and joke around with each other.

Nat and Kat finish the sheep's head first and get the clue leading them to the Pit Stop. If they make it to the Ankenes Marina first, then they'll be Team No. 1 for this leg.

Gary and Kevin both motion to the boats. They get their clues and begin the slow process of pulling themselves back up the ropes. The other teams start heading down their ropes and Kevin and Gary pull themselves up.

Nick and Vicki are looking for the Fast Forward, finding a sign on the door stating: Fast Forward Taken. Vicki doesn't understand that only one team gets to do a Fast Forward on any one leg.

Meanwhile, Nat and Kat have made it to the marina and are first place. They win a trip for two to Costa Rica.

Chad and Stephanie are seventh place. Katie and Rachel are last place. Both have just reached the gondola station.

At the bridge, Kevin makes it to the top first. Their next clue leads them to a remote field in Harvika, where they'll find the next clue.

Jill and Thomas are in fourth place. Claire is having problems getting to the top of the bridge. However, she finally makes it to the top and she and Brook get their clue. They are in fifth place.

Nick and Vicki make it to the bridge. They're in sixth place. Chad and Stephanie, in seventh place, just make it to the bridge.

Michael and Kevin make it to the leg's Detour: Bike or Boat. In Bike, teams chose bikes with specific locks. After a harsh ride, they must memorize their locks' combinations and then ride back to the start, where they'll use the combinations to unlock their next clue.

In Boat, teams go to fishing trawlers and direct the captains using a map that's provided to them. They then find the correct shore and carry a chainsaw and two 20-pound fish to a summer lodge, where they exchange them for the next clue.

Michael and Kevin chose Boat. Gary and Mallory choose Bike.

Jill and Thomas do Bike, and find the clue to the Pit Stop, currently putting them in second place. Gary and Mallory are in third place.

Michael and Kevin turn in their items and get the next clue. They're in fourth place.

Gary and Mallory are the next team to reach the Pit Stop. They are second place.

Several of the other teams can't find the Pit Stop, and they are driving in circles. Many of the teams are close together, and they all stop to ask directions from a local.

Jill and Thomas are third place. Michael and Kevin are fourth place. Brook and Claire are fifth place.

Chad and Stephanie and Katie and Rachel are fighting for second to last.

Nick and Vicki are sixth place.

Chad and Stephanie are seventh place and remain in the race.

Katie and Rachel are last place and are eliminated from the Amazing Race.