Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Episode 4: NeNe Leakes plastic surgery revealed

Plastic dominated this week's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," from NeNe Leakes' nose job to the eye rhinestones that Phaedra Parks sported during her baby shower. Here's a recap of the show:


When the episode kicks off, NeNe Leakes meets with a plastic surgeon. She wants to decrease her breast size. Have a problem with that? Tough. "As long as I'm writing the check, mind your business," she says.

But wait, NeNe has a second request. She wants the doctor to remove her "pooch." He agrees to a small amount of liposuction.

And...there's more. NeNe has a slight desire for a nose job, but she'll make that decision on the day of the operation.

NeNe arrives for her plastic surgery appointment. She's joined by a friend, since things aren't going well with her husband Gregg. While she's drugged, NeNe asks for Gregg.

She wakes up from surgery and we learn she had the nose job after all. She wakes up -- still pretty drugged -- and asks her friend to call Sheree and Kim. Then, she asks for Gregg again. In Gregg's absence, NeNe's friends nurse her back to health. See photos of NeNe here.

Time to check in with Kim Zolciak. We meet her parents and learn Big Poppa is back in the picture. Her parents love Big Poppa but have reservations about the fact that he's still married.

On another note, Kim wants to get her youngest daughter baptized yet she runs into a problem when she reveals she hasn't been to church in quite some time.

The scene's best moment comes when Kim's father calls her a "very class individual."

Later, Kim meets with Kandi Burruss. Kim thinks it's time to do another song. She got song title inspiration from a Jimmy Kimmel joke: "The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing." Hmm. Nonetheless, Kandi suggests touring together.

While chatting with Kandi, Kim says she wants to go back to country music. Kandi asks her to sing something. She's hesitant. Then, there's the payment issue. Kandi tells us she wants some financial credit this time.

What's up with Sheree Whitfield? She's still smitten with her new man and looks forward to attending one of his seminars. He's explaining why classy black women can't find a man. Apparently, her new man is known as "The Love Doctor."

At the seminar, Sheree has a slight problem with one of The Love Doctor's main mantras: "We want you in the real, not in the fake."

He invites Sheree to participate in a panel on stage. She makes a brief mistake when she says she wouldn't ask a man to open a bottle of ketchup at a restaurant. Among the other questions: "What's more important, love or money?" Sheree's answer: 50/50. The Love Doctor asks if she'd date a guy from Payless Shoes.

Sheree's response: "How would I meet him?" Nonetheless, Sheree is impressed at the end of the seminar and agrees to another date with The Love Doctor.

Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey visit Atlanta's Steeplechase. Cynthia attends with her man, while Dwight accompanies Phaedra.

Privately, Cynthia tells us Phaedra and Dwight look like a black Tammy Faye Baker and Willy Wonka.

The limo conversation gets awkward when Phaedra says she wants a clean man without kids from previous relationships. Cynthia's man interjects: "I have five." Cynthia reminds us that these "clean man" comments are coming from a woman whose husband had some problems with the law.

Phaedra informs us she's a "true equestrian." She's planning a Kentucky Derby-style baby shower. She talks about herself throughout most of Steeplechase.

After the Steeplechase excitement, Phaedra hosts her big baby shower. The whole affair is very over the top. Think big hats, male escorts, eye rhinestones and ballerinas. Wow, Lisa Wu Hartwell makes an appearance.

When the scene gets crowded, Phaedra asks Dwight to turn away the late guests. Among the late arrivals? Kim, who manages to get a seat. Haha. She was literally tardy for the party. Phaedra and Dwight waltz together.

In the show's final moments, Kandi dubs the scene, especially Phaedra's eye jewels, "boughetto."