Elected officials throw support behind Sanford Bishop in Congressional bid

A week from election day, Democratic Congressman Sanford Bishop received support from his political base as he fights off a challenge from Republican state Rep. Mike Keown.

About a dozen elected officials — mostly Democrats — offered Bishop their support during a news conference in the plaza of the Columbus Government Center.

Those backing Bishop were his longtime political allies state Rep. Calvin Smyre, Rep. Debbie Buckner and state Sen. Ed Harbison. The list also included Sheriff John Darr and Rep. Carolyn Hugley. A letter of support was read from Marshal Greg Countryman. There were also elected officials from Stewart and Chattahoochee counties.

“It’s heartening to the people who serve in the vineyard with you and represent some of your constituents to give an endorsement of your work,” Bishop said.

Buckner, who represents part of East Columbus in the General Assembly, said Bishop’s focus on infrastructure, education and agriculture has served the 2nd Congressional District well.

“He knows that the future of our kids rests in the fact that they need a quality education,” Buckner said. “The best economic tool we have is to make sure our kids are well educated.”

Smyre said the race between Bishop and Keown, who has been making a charge as election day nears, is simple.

“Do we want to go back or do we want to go forward?” Smyre said. “Look at her service and not a party label. Leadership matters. Experience matters.”Bishop is a nine-term incumbent who has served in Congress for nearly 18 years.