Soccer player convinces Columbus to recycle at Woodruff Farm complex

It took Abby D. Sutherland, a 9-year-old soccer player, less than 10 minutes Tuesday night to convince Columbus Council that recycling bins are needed at Woodruff Farm Soccer Complex.

The 10-member council agreed not only to place bins at the 3151 Woodruff Farm Road location, but also at Cooper Creek and Lakebottom parks. The city’s ultimate goal is to place bins for recycling plastic bottles and drink cans at all ballfields and city buildings.

Abby told the council she’s at the soccer complex each week with 2,500 other soccer players and their families. They drink lots of water when its hot, sending thousands of plastic drink containers into the trash.

“Thousands of bottles are going into the trash everyday,” Abby said. “These bottles take thousands of years to breakdown. Recycling one bottle could save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for six hours. I would like you to please think about placing recycling bins around the soccer field so we can all do our part to take care of our community and environment.”

Abby is the daughter of Amanda and Ben Sutherland. She is a fourth-grader at Mathews Elementary School in Midland.Councilor Wayne Anthony asked Abby to share her idea with the council after he learned about it. Councilors praised her efforts and called for a formal resolution.