Survivor 21 Episode 7: Who was kicked off Survivor Nicaragua Oct. 27?

Jill Behm, a 43-year-old ER doctor from Pennsylvania, was eliminated from "Survivor" Wednesday night. Here's a recap of the episode:


When the show kicks off, players are dealing with last week's double elimination. At La Flor, Marty is convinced Jane voted to send him home. When he asks her about it, she laughs.

Reward challenge time. Each team chooses a defender. That defender stands on a pedestal in water while members of the opposite team run into the water and try to throw a ball into a net behind the defender. If the ball lands into the net, the team gets a point.

Fabio defends for La Flor, while Chase defends for Espada. Midway through the competition, Fabio takes a break to, um, relieve himself in the pool.

His lack of seriousness backfires. Espada wins and gets a horseback ride, breakfast and milk.

After the challenge, Jane bonds with her younger teammates at La Flor. She tries to impress them by fishing. But when she finds a pretty massive fish, she hides in the rain forest and eats it alone.

Meanwhile, members of Espada savor their reward. Chase tells us how the horses remind him of his dad, who passed away. Aww. Naonka reluctantly milks a cow, even though she says she's not too keen on animals' nipples.

Alina gets emotional and cries -- something to the effect of "I love you guys!" -- during the tribe's luxury breakfast. Naonka thinks it's an act.

Immunity challenge time. The contest involves launching small cannonballs and breaking tiles. Espada wins, so La Flor heads to tribal council.

As tribal council approaches, Jane says she'll be happy if Marty or Jill go home. Remember, Marty has an Immunity Idol. Sash approaches Marty with an offer: hand over the Immunity Idol, and we won't send you home. He agrees, hoping next week's merge will give him a new fan base. Stupid move? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

"Marty made a big mistake. That's probably his biggest mistake in the game," Sash tells us.

Host Jeff Probst addresses the idol situation at tribal council and asks Sash if he'll really share it with the rest his La Flor quasi-alliance. He answers, "If there's a time when I lose trust in them..."

It's an awkward slip. He meant to say, "If there's a time when they lose trust in me..."

Voting time. Jill gets three votes and is eliminated from "Survivor." Jane gets two votes and Marty gets two votes.