Woman accused of stabbing father-in-law after asking how to kill someone

A Columbus woman who told police she was “schizophrenic and bipolar” is accused of stabbing her 64-year-old father-in-law as he watched TV in his home on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old woman asked the stabbing victim’s daughter at 4:45 p.m. that day while on 18th Street how to kill someone. Fifteen minutes later, the suspect was inside the stabbing victim’s Brittany Court home, reports state.

The man and suspect gave police different versions of what happened. According to the suspect, the 64-year-old began yelling and cursing her after she entered the home. He grabbed her hair and pushed her to the floor. That’s when she got some scissors and stabbed him.

The man, however, told police that he was on his sofa when the suspect entered his home. He asked why she was there, though she didn’t answer, police said.

The suspect then locked up a dog in the back of the house, returned to the living room and sat down with something in her hands. She then jumped on the man, stabbing him in his chest and upper left arm. He tried to grab her hand and at some point pushed her away, police report.

The man then reached for a bat and the suspect stabbed him in the back. He hit the suspect with the bat, and she ran from the house.

An officer who responded to the stabbing call spotted the suspect as she left the home. Reports state that she appeared frightened and had blood splatters on her arms and clothes.

An ambulance took the man to The Medical Center, where he was in stable condition. An officer took the suspect to the hospital, and she was later charged with aggravated assault.

The woman is being held at the Muscogee County Jail with no bond.